New from Surly! – My Other Brother Darryl – Tubeless Ready Rims

Our amigos de Surly have three versions of their new My Other Brother Darryl (MOBD) tubeless ready 80 mm wide rims making their debut at Eurobike today.

surly my other brother darryl rim oe2

The first version is a pinned rim that comes as original equipment (OE) on the new Wednesday fat-bike. That OE version has hexagon, shaped, speed holes and is drilled to lace as a symmetrical wheel or an offset wheel (even though the Wednesday is a symmetrical bike). The pinned version of the hex speed hole’d MOBD rim will only come as original equipment on the Wednesday….unless that changes.

surly my other brother darryl rim am1

The second and third version is the after market (MOBD) which is a welded rim with triangular, speed holes for symmetrical lacing or Hexagon holes for either centered or offset builds. Two distinctly different looking rims that can be laced differently with the exact same name. Sorry for the earlier confusion.

Christina, from Surly, told us that they have no plans to take the pinned OE MOBD/Hex aftermarket, which would mean that only folks that buy a new Surly Wednesday complete bike, would ever get that pinned OE Version…..unless they change their mind, which has been known to happen, cuz of FREEDOM!

All three of the MOBD version can run tires as narrow as 3.8 up to as wide as 4.8 inches.

Hub compatibility: 32h

Weight: 690g

Aftermarket colors are Polished Silver and Anodized Black. The pinned OE’s are offered in Black.

MSRP is expected to be $150 for MOBD aftermarket.

Learn more about Surly Bikes and Freedom at

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  1. Swing-ding-a-licious! Any idea on when one might get their mitts on a pair of the polished aftermarket ones?

    • Surly missed the boat by not making them pentagons for SATAN 666 (or is that a Pentagram?)

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