Fat (video) Tuesday – The Return of the King (of Wheelies)


Our amigo from Spain, Ruben Sevilla, is back with a sequel to his ‘Wheelie Boys‘ clip and this time, he’s showing off some of the terrain that makes fat-bikes a perfect fit for Spain. The first half of the clip is a rutted climb that would make a goat trip and when Ruben tops out the climb, he stops….adjusts his seat post (someone needs get this man a dropper post) and them bombs his way down the same rutted goat path. This is a perfect example of the kind of riding, where a Bluto really shines!

Check it out, Holms…

You could join Ruben, Jeff, Bruce, Deo and a long list of our amigos that have had their videos featured on one of our Fat (video) Tuesday posts. All you have to do is email your uncle and next week, you might be all over the interwebz and on people’s smart phones and tablets all across this crazy fat world that we call earth. If you just can’t get enough of fat-bike video, you can check out nearly 4 years of video archives right here –

Felices Caminos!


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One Response to Fat (video) Tuesday – The Return of the King (of Wheelies)

  1. Wade August 25, 2015 at 11:34 am #

    Good Times, Ruben!