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Fat Video Tuesday ♦ August Welsh Bivvy

Last week we introduced you to Jeff ‘summittoppler’ Price and his once a month bivvy-quest. Well this week we’re sharing the August version of his year of monthly bivvys! Here’s what Jeff had to say about his fatventure! The weekends were filling up fast with things going on so it was time for me to […]

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Video – Vince From Chumba USA Talks About the Ursa Backcountry 29+

Vince From Chumba USA talks about their made-in-the-USA Ursa Backcountry 29+ trail bike. Built from US made True Temper steel and other US sourced materials, the frames are 100% USA all the way! Learn more at – You can subscribe to our YouTube Channel at to see all of our upcoming videos.

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Fat (video) Tuesday – Tal y Fan

Jeff Price started out the year by promising himself a bivvy every month for this year of  the gnome (2014). Jeff emailed me and asked, “why not check out my fat-bike videos?” So I did just that and found fat gold in the hilly countryside of Wales! I asked Jeff to tell us a bit about […]

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Fat (video) Tuesday – Tropical Borealis?

Our amigo Will from Team CoreCo and La Ruta de los Conquistadores, shot a nice video of a couple of his team riders tearing up some flow trail along with (braaap!) sweet jumps down in Costa Rica on their new Borealis Echos. Makes me wanna go ride! Inspire some Inspiration? Send us your sweet fat-bike vids […]

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Fat (video) Tuesday – Tundra Muffins

Any video with Musk Oxen is money, in my world. Francois Carrier Deziel and his amigo Guillaume Bedard took their fat-bikes out to what locals call Dry Bay, near Ungava Bay for an overnight fat-pack. Great terrain and cool music make for some sweet tundra trippin! Tell us how you trip Share your photos and […]

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Independence Day Fat Video!

It’s Sven’s Birthday and Independence Day (my favorite holiday) so we took the day off and let our euro-amigos take over the site with  a “behind-the-scenes” quick edit of a film, shot in Lapland this winter. Damien rode in support for  Nathalie Courtet using a Fat-Bike, made by Salamandre Cycles. Natalie was travelling across Lapland on […]

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Fat (video) Tuesday ♦ Deo Quatro

Experience Deo Quatro! Deo’s been busy developing his repertoire of camera mounts and jedi riding techniques. I love these videos for a lot of reasons, but I always think about how, my man, Deo is riding a basic, heavy (by carbon standards) fat-bike and enjoying the hell out of it! So maybe stop worrying about […]

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Fat (video) Tuesday – 9:Zero:7 Whiteout – Snow Optional

The 9:Zero:7 boys up there in Anchorage have been keeping busy. The just finished their first video that supports what we’ve been saying for years. Fat bikes make really fun trail bikes! And now with the unbelievably light and burley, fat-carbon bikes, like the 9:Zero:7 Whiteout, it’s a whole new ball game! Take your fat-bike out on your local […]

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Fat (video) Tuesday ♦ Fat-Bikes and Varmints

Our man Deo takes us on a free forest thrash along with a mud bath and some groovy dancing. Then he sets his camera on varmint mode. Groundhogs could be called fat-varmints. right? Power to the Varmints. Power to the Varmints, Right On! Do you have a varmint fetish? Have you ever ridden a goat? […]

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Fat (video) Tuesday – Ancient Lakes

Rusty Knorr sent us his second video that we’ve shared here on fat dash bike dot com. Rusty and his amigo, John, went  on a Sub 24 overnight in Washington State. This is what he had to say about the trip. I took my friend John out for a sub24 to an area called the “Ancient […]

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Fat-Bike Backflip

Check out (MKE) Homie, Aristotle Peters, all smooth, like buttah, on his Schlick Cycles Ape at Ray’s Indoor MTB Park, up on 76th Street in Beer-Town. Aris has been testing an 11 Nine fork for the past ten months and it looks like he, just might have figured this ‘fat-bike’ thing out. There’s talk of a fat-fork shootout […]

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Fat (video) Tuesday – Hunting Monsters!

In 2013 Bjørn Olson and Brent Phillips hopped aboard a cargo ship destined for the far shore of Alaska’s Cook Inlet with fat-bikes, packrafts, minimal food, even less camping gear and a burning desire to go. Through beach, tundra, swamp and mud they rode, pushed, hauled and kicked their bikes through Iliamna country, with eyes always peeled for […]

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Fat (Video) Tuesday – Forth Fat

The second Forth Fat took place recently in North Berwick, Scotland and Tommy sent us this video to give you all a sense of what you missed if you did’t make the event. Had a good ride lately? We’d love to share your videos! Shoot me a link to your hosted video and we will […]

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Fat (video) Tuesday ♦ Knik Glacier

I had the pleasure of meeting Randy Armstrong at the Frosty Bottom awards ceremony when I visited Anchorage in January. Randy is also a past winner of our photo contest from a couple of years back! He sent me a video that he put together about a ride that he’s been dreaming about. This is what […]

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Fat (video) Tuesday – Sugarbush

Things in the fat-bike video business must be pretty good up there in Canada’a Atlantic Maritime Provinces. Because frequent fat-bike video director, Shannon Burt, can now afford to hire two dogs to co-star along with his own bad self in this film from….no…. not Prince Edward Island…Shannon snuck across the bridge and shot this tree […]

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Fat (video) Tuesday – Deo Episode 2

This is our Fourth video in a series, by our new tribe of correspondents, up along the Atlantic Coast of Canada. Deo and Shannon Burt are playing duelling (fat-bike) videos! This video was shot and edited by Deo and took place in and around Fredericton, New Brunswick. Enjoy another fat video tuesday from Canada’s Maritime Provinces! Where […]

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Fat Video Thursday?

Meet Deo….Deo’s is an adventure-wanderer of the Canadian Atlantic Coast. D’s also a photographer and film-maker that is new to fat-biking. He bought his new Norco fatty earlier this year and is completely loving it! His home base is the snow and ice capitol of Canada’s East Coast, Moncton NB. His travels take him to places that […]

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Fat Video Tuesday – Genesis Caribou

Nicholas sent us this video of a ride on his Genesis Caribou on the trail of Les 2 Alpes in the French Alps. Absolutely beautiful, Nicholas! Winter, Spring, Summer of Fall we’d love to share your videos, one and all! Shoot me a link to your hosted video and we will take a look, Make it good!

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Fat Tuesday Video ♦ A Dog Named Detroit

Shannon Burt sent us in another film from Prince Edward Island. This winter has created peak riding conditions at PEI’s Winter River trail. This is a mid-week getaway ride after work for fat-riding Shannon. After hearing that heavy rains were coming by week’s end, Shannon along with 4 legged friend, Detroit, hit the trail and […]

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Fat Tuesday Video ♦ Old Mexico

Matt Whitehead sent us few of his video clips from his trips to baja. He used a custom fat-cargo bike to tote all of his gear and his surf board up and down the Baja Coastline. Fat-Biking and Surfing! You can check out more from Matt by visiting his blog at

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Fat (video) Tuesday ♦ Winter Flow from Norway

Snorre Mossing Sent us another great video from Norway featuring some roller coaster sections of trail near his home in Oslo. Here’s what Snorre had to share about his clip. I found fatbike gold, a little by accident – one of my favorite trails runs close to Tryvann Ski Resort, which is a bikepark in […]

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Fat (video) Tuesday ♦ Terra Nova

This is another of those moments, when I realize soy un hombre muy afortunado! Mui…..Afortunado. I get to share fat-bike fun from all over the planet and this week we get to share a little slice of Newfoundland for everyone to enjoy! Thanks for sharing, Loyal! Send us Your Video Post Card! Send us a link […]

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Fat Video Friday – Capitol City Rockers

We’re shaking up Friday afternoon’s photo feature with a video from our amigos más cercanos, Low Pressure Productions, from up in Ottawa, Ontario. If I remember my Canadian geography correctly, I believe that would make it the capitol of the entire nation of Canada. They run a bandito race series up there on the banks of […]

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Fat Video Tuesday – Oslo Snow

Snorre Mossing sent us this video from Norway. It seems that Scandinavia is having a sparse snow season, like we’ve had in the mid-west every now and again. This is what Snorre had to share about his clip. Finally the snow came to Oslo. I had a 4 week Christmas vacation in Florida, so I […]

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