Fat (video) Tuesday – Fat Bike Thoughts from the Coastrider

Bruce shares some thoughts on fat bikes, Surly, and the current state of fat bikes in the UK. It’s an interesting glimpse into the mind of one of fat bike’s early adopters and the beach riding is pretty nice as well. I’m with Bruce, when he says, I’m just going to keep riding fat bikes and having fun! It’s always been all about the fun for me. #keepfatbikesfun

Sticker it Forward

How do you like the new sticker and jersey design?

If you’d like some stickers for you…your ride buddies…or maybe the bartender with the best tattoos at the local brewhouse… send us a photo of your local fat-bike playground and an address so the gnomes down in the mailroom can jet them, babies, to the post office. My email is Put Shreddy Yeti in the subject line and stay tuned for some sort of group jersey order like we did last year. ¡Las bicis Gordas, para ti!

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2 Responses to Fat (video) Tuesday – Fat Bike Thoughts from the Coastrider

  1. summittoppler August 31, 2022 at 4:15 pm #

    Good to hear your words Bruce.
    I’ve noticed a reduction in views on my films too in the last 2-3 years too. Not sure why, maybe folk haven’t the patience to watch a 5 minute film as they are interested in 10 second clips on other social media!
    The interest has dropped in the UK probably due to the limited availability of fat bikes and the over populated ‘gravel’ bike in the shops. Shops will sell to the consumer and most consumers jump on the latest fad.
    Like you mate, I’m gonna keep riding fatbikes and keep making films.

  2. Allroy September 8, 2022 at 3:35 pm #

    I take inspiration from both Summittoppler and The Coastrider. Where I live doesn’t have quite the same topography but It never gets dull whenever I ride my fat bike. Keep making those incredible videos.