Solstice Bucksaw Bivvy

Summer solstice, the fattest day of the year!

As part of my bivvy a month challenge, the month of June was slowly nearing its end. With other plans covering the weekend (FatFOD), my only chance of getting a bivvy done in June was going to have to be a midweek getaway after work and try to be back at work for 8am. Luckily the weather gods aligned on the solstice which gave wall-to-wall sunshine.

Bucksaw bikepacking

So with the bucksaw packed light after work I headed to southern Snowdonia to an area I only visited once just 6 weeks ago. The evening sun was hot as the UK was going through a mini heatwave which makes bivvying rather pleasant.


After a tough sweaty few miles I then had a 400 foot height gain of hike a bike to contend with before the sun set behind the hills of Snowdonia. Luckily my timing was spot on as I got to a great viewpoint with 30 minutes to spare. the nest few hours were spent gazing into the horizon as the sky changed it’s colour.

I was awake early way before sunrise and the weather again put on a great show for me. The skies were perfectly clear which made the views perfect.


After a couple fo coffee’s I quickly packed up ready for the 40 minute decent back down to the car.

Why leave?

I took the decent nice and steady as I retraced my route from the evening before. The was a lingering amount of fog in the valley which gave me a fogbow to experience for the first time!


An hour later I was at home, changed bikes and headed back to work after a stunning 12 hour getaway. Perfect!

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  1. Gomez June 29, 2022 at 8:55 am #

    Great stuff there Jeff! Those drone shots at dusk!

    • summittoppler June 29, 2022 at 1:05 pm #

      I know, pretty cool eh! Think this one is right up there in my top 5.

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