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Hi, my name is Gomez and I’m (still) a gadgetaholic. I’m especially addicted to gadgets that play music. I remember all the way back to the 1960’s, when I was just a kid, we would listen to WLS (a Chicago top rock radio station) on ‘transistor radios’ that sounded terrible but were small and portable. I had a cool solar-powered AM/FM radio back in the 70’s that kept me rock’n. Then in the eighties, it was a Sony Walkman with cassette tapes. Fast forward to the current century and we stream music from our phones. Hell, they just retired the iPod. The Bluetooth speaker/headphone era is here! I’ve owned and reviewed a series of Bluetooth speakers and today I’m going to share the latest bicycle-specific speaker that I’ve been listening to…The Generation 2 Cricket Speaker –

The Cricket attaches to your bike’s headset. As long as you have a normal 1 1/8″ threadless headset, you should have no problem installing the supplied replacement for your regular top cap. The speaker threads onto that top cap with a nice rubber skirt to keep the charging port covered.

The Cover

They also supply a rubberized cover for when the speaker is not mounted but it doesn’t fit very tightly. I would be worried about it falling off during a normal ride.

Sample playback of the Cricket Speaker blue-toothed to my iPhone The audio and video were recorded on a small digital camera.

The playback is probably the most important thing about any tiny speaker. Click play on the video above to hear what my iPhone picked up while I was riding down the Glacial Drumlin Trail. The speaker is controlled by pressing down on the speaker from the top. Click and hold the unit for on and off and one-click for play and one-click for pause. The speaker also acts as a speakerphone but I don’t generally answer the phone when I’m riding. Cricket was pretty short on operating instructions but I think that their product delivers what they promised. Simple, discreet, listening in a small-sized speaker that punches above its weight as far as how loud it plays. Don’t get me wrong. You won’t be blown away by how loud the Cricket plays your tunes. The Cricket speaker plays just loud enough for a speaker that was designed to be mounted to a bicycle stem. I’d like to see a magnetic mount for the Cricket so it could become a wearable speaker.

The speaker comes with a USB charging cord. The initial charge on the Cricket lasted three hours. I plug it in every couple of rides or when it starts to beep at me. The Cricket will only set you back $39 so it’s kind of a bargain IMHO.  If you like to ride with music (where safe and appropriate) this speaker is the bomb! Go buy one for yourself and tell them tio Gomez sent ya!

For more information about Cricket Speakers visit –

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  1. Sounded alright to what you were playing. But how’s the bottom end of what I need to know. Nice review tho!

    • its pretty difficult to get much low-end out of such a tiny speaker. The video represents the output pretty accurately. In that sample, the bass line is not very dominant compared to the vocal and twangy guitar. I still use this speaker on gravel rides. I like it, but it doesn’t have a very powerful low-end output IMHO. Keep in mind I have the hearing of a sexagenarian with tinnitus.

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