Fat (video) Tuesday – Fat Bike Birkie ’15

Here’s a blast from the past! Eight years ago, the Telemark Ski Lodge still existed and drone footage was somewhat novel. These days, everyone and their cousin have a drone. The American Birkebiener Ski Foundation allows fat bikes on their precious cross-country ski trails one day a year for the largest fat bike race in Wisconsin. I’m one of the few fat bike riders that will attempt to remind everyone that just because it’s the largest, does not make it the best fat bike race. This race doesn’t have anything close to representing what riding a fat bike is like for me, so I’ve taken a pass on attending this thing for years and this year will be no different. If you’re headed up there for the race, have fun and stop by the Rivers Eatery at the Ideal Market for a wood-fired pizza and a beer or old fashion. Tell Mick that Tio Gomez sent you!

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