Frost BIKE 2013 – Fresh Carbon Beargrease – New Fat Bike Cranks

Salsa’s Carbon Beargrease


The bike we all came to look at was not out on the show floor. Salsa’s, Mike Reimer, led me back behind some of the display booths and down a narrow passage to a locked windowless office, where only a few lucky folks got to see something that is going to blow your MIND! The beargrease carbon reminded me of the first time I saw a sting ray corvette. This bike sets a whole new fighter-jet, burly fat-bike standard. The down tube is almost as wide as my hand and the fork crown and oversized head tube create a well proportioned design with styling that screams speeed – power – sex!


 We were not allowed to photograph the bike, we were given access to some additional photos of the bike from Salsa, that you see here. I felt lucky to be on the list of folks that got to take a look at this new fat-bike.


 I spent about 15 minutes talking with Mike and checking out the Sram XXI crank, the sinuously shaped seat and chain-stays. This bike blew me away and I’m not that easily impressed. (Carbon Haters are gonna H8t) but I really can’t wait to see how this thing rides!


The bike will be manufactured in Taiwan with the MSRP – XX1 – $5499.  X9 – $3499,  Frame, Fork, and Hubs$2599 .


frostbike2013 219

Velo Orange had these triple sealed bearing platforms in their booth that are very pleasing to the eye.

frostbike2013 198

frostbike2013 197

How about some new 45N Flat Pedal boots to make the pedals go ’round? The soles on these new boots are quite supple in comparison with the clipless Wolvfhammer and feature a beefed up zipper that will be used on both versions for next season.

frostbike2013 217

We finalized our plans for our Krampus Photo Contest with the Surlybots – Two of you will be overcome with joy, when you win a Krampus Frame, Fork, dos Rabbit hole Rims and dos Knardos, vente y nueve (cochie cochie) {plus} [+]. The rest of you will be pissed. Contest detail to come.  Surly had some new bad ass bags for the big dummy, but that’s outside our jurisdiction, so we’ll move on…

frostbike2013 213

Imagine this head…

frostbike2013 212

Inside this Laser Helium Helmet and their new (out in fall) Mirrored Helmet shell. It’s like the FUTURE! That’s right next fall is the future….moving along.

frostbike2013 209

I talked the nice gentleman, at the Hope booth, into making me a bottom bracket for thparkle.

frostbike2013 208 frostbike2013 206

The Cranks – Race Face wants you to know that their Turbine (XC) or Atlas (DH/AM)cranks are available in all of their color choices in all spindle lengths! Custom Bling for that new build you’re been dreaming about!

frostbike2013 203 frostbike2013 200

Our Amigos at Sram have been working hand and hand with the design staff at Salsa Cycles on their new 100mm bottom brackets to put your drive train in a position to optimize functionality. Just like on your regular mtb! 2 models currently with XX1 on the horizon.

Wolf Tooth Components

My last meeting of the day was outside of Frostbike, with Mike Pfeiffer of Wolf Tooth Components. He’s making some beautifully machined chainrings to fit a variety cranks with custom features that you can all look forward to learning more about, when we do a product spotlight and full review by one of’s bike black ribbon, test pilots.

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5 Responses to Frost BIKE 2013 – Fresh Carbon Beargrease – New Fat Bike Cranks

  1. Sean February 24, 2013 at 9:08 am #

    Do you know if the carbon Beargrease geometry has changed from the current model? Will it handle Bud and Lou?

  2. Mike Mahoney February 24, 2013 at 11:29 am #

    I knew this was coming!!!!

  3. aaron tisdale February 24, 2013 at 5:26 pm #

    My wife will beat me with a bag of oranges if I even look at a carbon Beargrease, but damnit, that thing is amazing!

  4. Surly Shawn March 2, 2013 at 7:18 am #

    Don’t tell my Moonie, but that Beargrease is HOT!


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