B-Fat (27.5 Fat)

Wallpaper Wednesday – The Family Truckster

This week’s Wallpaper Wednesday comes to us from Jeff Davis. It’s a shot of his Salsa Blackborow loaded with gear for at trip for two adults and two, nine year-old boys along the Arizona Trail […]


Wallpaper Wednesday – 2/20/19

Betsy Williford sent in this week’s WW feature. Betsy appears to be a Woman of few words, yet in her brevity, she answers all of the most important questions. (see below) Photo: Jill Homer Rider: […]


Salsa’s 2019 Fat-Bikes Released

[adrotate banner=”38″]   The new Salsa Fat-Bikes have arrived! Today we’re here to share what will likely be, a hot ticket come this holiday shopping season….the 2019 Salsa Fat-Bikes. BEARGREASE – completely redesigned for 2019 […]


Wallpaper Wednesday – Le Grand Teton

[adrotate banner=”38″]   Over the years, we’ve been incredibly fortunate to meet folks from all over the world that share our passion for plus and fat-bikes. More recently (about a year ago) I was introduced […]


Foto Gordo – Denver on the River Trail

Let’s roll into Mudder’s Day Weekend with a festive shot from Tim Birchard. Tim rides a sweet OG Salsa Mukluk and shared this about his Foto Gordo photo. I just discovered your “foto gordo” gallery […]


Wallpaper Wednesday – Eagle River

[adrotate banner=”38″]   This week’s Wallpaper comes to us from our newest contributor Cory Kittle. He’s a bush pilot up in Alaska and he’s a recent convert to fat-bikes. Cory snapped this shot of his Beargrease […]


Foto Gordo – Gnome-Fest Flashback

[adrotate banner=”38″] One of my oldest riding amigos, that I’ve known, all the way back to the 1980’s, sent in this flashback to Gnomefest 9 at Nine Mile County Forest, near Wausau, Wisconsin. Andy gives […]


Foto Gordo from Germany

[adrotate banner=”38″] This week’s desktop background was shot by Michael Schneider on the Brocken, which is the highest mountain in the Harz district in Germany. The Brocken is known for strong winds which frosted everything […]

Bike Culture

Miércoles Fondo de Pantalla – Montaña

[adrotate banner=”38″] These photos were taken in Somers, Montana on the North beach formed seasonally on Flathead lake, by Hans Axelsen. Enjoy the ride! Next Week – Wednesday Could Be Yours! Give us your tired, your […]


Not a Wallpaper Wednesday Club ♦ High Above Durango

[adrotate banner=”38″]   Brett Davis sent us a shot of his Salsa Blackborow out on an early morning training ride above Durango, Colorado. Brett is a Wallpaper Wednesday veteran. We featured a photo from Brett’s trip to Iceland. […]


Bucksaw Goes Electric

[adrotate banner=”134″] By :  Jason Mead The Fatbike category has grown by leaps and bounds over the past two years. Once used solely for winter applications, the Fatbike has expanded its reach to touring, big […]


Foto Gordo – Fat on Skinny

[adrotate block=”7″] Weekend Checklist ◘ fat-bike ◘ singletrack ◘ hawaian shirt ◘ log ride ◘ ice cold beverage(s) It’s been awhile since we threw some gasoline on your Friday afternoon ride stoke, but since this […]