Apidura Food Pouch & Half Frame Bag Preview by Jeff Price



It’s always a special moment when I’m awaiting the arrival of a new product to review for our readers and this postal drop was no exception. I’ve taken delivery of Apidura’s half frame bag and two of their new food pouches for a few weeks.


The half frame bag is Apidura’s small Road Frame Bag as this fits my Mukluk perfectly. It’s made with Polyant VX21 which should offer some waterproofness to the contents inside.



The food pouch is super lightweight weighing in at just 55 grams and looks just right for those snacks whilst on the move. Both bags come in the Apidura colours and with an internal of yellow making it easy to find that last gummy bear.


I plan on leaving these bags on for the duration of the test to see how they pan out. I’ll be trying different contents in the food pouches just to see how sturdy they can be.
Full review to come in a few weeks’ time.


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One Response to Apidura Food Pouch & Half Frame Bag Preview by Jeff Price

  1. James March 7, 2016 at 12:55 pm #

    I’m searching for a feed-style bag that will attach to my handlebar/stem securely but allow easy, one-handed, opening and closing. I have experience with the Revelate Mtn. Feedbag which works exceptionally well for bottles and closing one-handed, but opening is a pain. I lost about 4 honey stinger gels yesterday in a race when lofting over a root and they ejected from the center opening of the Revelate.

    The Apidura food pouch “looks” like a simpler design but I’ve not yet seen how to open/close it quickly. I can see that it has the draw cord through the front but there’s not much detail on their site for the action of the design.

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