Salsa’s 2019 Fat-Bikes Released

[adrotate banner=”38″]   The new Salsa Fat-Bikes have arrived! Today we’re here to share what will likely be, a hot ticket come this holiday shopping season….the 2019 Salsa Fat-Bikes. BEARGREASE – completely redesigned for 2019 […]


Foto Gordo – Denver on the River Trail

Let’s roll into Mudder’s Day Weekend with a festive shot from Tim Birchard. Tim rides a sweet OG Salsa Mukluk and shared this about his Foto Gordo photo. I just discovered your “foto gordo” gallery […]


Foto Gordo – Gnome-Fest Flashback

[adrotate banner=”38″] One of my oldest riding amigos, that I’ve known, all the way back to the 1980’s, sent in this flashback to Gnomefest 9 at Nine Mile County Forest, near Wausau, Wisconsin. Andy gives […]


Foto Gordo from Germany

[adrotate banner=”38″] This week’s desktop background was shot by Michael Schneider on the Brocken, which is the highest mountain in the Harz district in Germany. The Brocken is known for strong winds which frosted everything […]


Hills and Beaches

[adrotate banner=”134″] By Jeff Price My local favourite loop this one. There’s nothing better than leaving the house in the early evening, riding some of the hills and dropping down onto the beach for the […]


Foto Gordo ♦ Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Our amigo Nathan Long from over there in the Chippewa River Valley of Wisconsin sent us this psychedelic spring explosion of color that he entitled ‘Follow the Yellow Brick Road’. Nathan shot this at Northwest Park […]


Fat Video Tuesday ♦ Log Jam

Here’s a clip of local wonder, Pat Smage, showing off some bike handling skillz on his old school Salsa Mukluk. Pat’s a six-time AMA/NATC Trials National Champion and in 2007, he was named AMA Sports […]

Beach Riding

Riders of the fall

We´re leaving an epic summer behind. Temperatures has been the highest in 50 years. Riding has been amazing, from archipelago beach riding to big mountain fat bike adventures. And all of a sudden fall hits […]


Please Welcome Olov Stenlund!

[adrotate banner=”108″] We’d like to introduce Olov Stenlund – Swedish fat biker, and the newest columnist at fat dash bike dot com. Olov lives and rides, Swedish Lapland and is an established blogger, podcast’r and adventurer! We look […]


Triple F ♦ dark side of the beach

[adrotate block=”7″]  (click to enlarge) “There is no dark side of the beach really. Matter of fact it’s all dark.”   Fat-Bikes and Fun are like peas and carrots…   Send us a shot of […]


Twenty-Niner-Plus Preview

We’ve got big plans for the 29r+ platform this summer! The Spinner Ryerson is currently testing the hell out of his Krampus. We’re just about ready to start building up a Krampus with all sorts […]


Fat Foto Friday ♦ Montañas Blancas

(click to enlarge) Our amigo, Josh Spice captured this beautiful shot of his Mukluk, 60 miles deep in the White Mountains National Recreation Area, northeast of Fairbanks, Alaska. Josh was out riding the 100 mile loop […]