Twenty-Niner-Plus Preview

We’ve got big plans for the 29r+ platform this summer! The Spinner Ryerson is currently testing the hell out of his Krampus. We’re just about ready to start building up a Krampus with all sorts of shiney bits for ‘yours truely’, while Bike Black Ribbon Test Pilot, Angry Andy has already been testing a set of Rabbit Holes and Knards on his Ti Mukluk (Pictured Below). Test Pilot James T. Huber is already spending quality time on a Schlick Cycles 29+ Prototype and Cale is building a set of offset rabbit Holes to turn his Pugsley into a Kramsley?…a Pugpus? (you get the idea). We’ll also have riders testing the new Northpaw Components 29+ rims as soon as they become available. In addition to all that commotion, we’ll have our tester, Colin, riding his new Krampus, with a set of pretty standard 29r wheels to see how that works. Then….there’s all of the new bikes coming down the pike! Muru Cycles has a new 29+ bike and that’s going to be one of the many small custom builds that we’ll be able to share over the next few months!


In the mean time…enjoy these shots of Andy’s Ti Mukluk, decked out, all twenty-niner plus style!


How big is 29+? About an inch and a half taller than your normal fat-bike.


Way! bigger than a 26″ mountain bike!

We’re also running a contest, where you and your cousin or neighbor, could win a Krampus frame and fork, Rabbit Hole rims and Knard tires!

Click on the banner below for contest details!

win a krampus

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  1. Still have some more single track testing to do this weekend, tweaking gearing and pressures, but so far the set up is Way Fast! My Strava-nazi ride reports, show I’ve been killing my old segment ride times. Look for more details next week. Still up in the air on which set up to run in the upcoming 6hr Wem-series race.

  2. What does the tire clearance look like in the back for that El Mariachi with those 29+ tires? Salsa lists max tire width at 2.4 but that 3.0 is intriguing!!!

    • That’s a Ti Salsa Cycles Mukluk. The 29+ won’t fit in the rear of an El Mariachi, however, it fits comfortably in the front with the stock rigid fork.

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