Riders of the fall

We´re leaving an epic summer behind. Temperatures has been the highest in 50 years. Riding has been amazing, from archipelago beach riding to big mountain fat bike adventures. And all of a sudden fall hits you in the head like a sledge hammer. Work, school for the kids, everything piles up and the weeks just run past you like a tsunami. Fall up here can be nasty. Heavy rains, winds and temperature drops makes me lazy. But every now and then those crispy days arrive. Still it needs to fit with the big puzzle of life. To day was one of those days. Clear sky, yellow leafs and the morning off. Time to hit those local trails that i haven´t visited for weeks or maybe months. Sometimes you forget about the small adventures. Especially after a summer like this. Just pack a couple of chocolate bars and coffee and and hit the trails for a couple of hours. I got this little route that i ride. Its a little bit of transport along gravel until you reach the most beautiful pine fores and sand shores along the river of Luleå.
The trails around here is mostly sand and thus perfect for fat tires. When finally coming out on a ride like this, everything comes together. After going big during the summer and reading about great spots and epic adventures around the globe on the electric highway. Volcanoes on Iceland sand dunes of Namibia. All this is great stuff. But it makes me aim too high and forget that i can just get the Mukluk out from the shed and go for a spin. IMG_2109
After some fast single track among the pines i finally arrive to one of my favorite spots along the river. Just before the river hits the Bay of Bothnia it narrows up and the shores drops down in steep sand slopes.
This place is just stunning. Perfect place to have a snack. No beer today since i have to work this afternoon. Still coffee and this view makes almost perfect.
There is a trail that goes along the top and the falls down to the shore. Then you just ride back along the water.
The fishermen comes with the fall. Lots of trout in the rivers now.
On the way back home there is a train museum. Lots of old trains that went up the ore railway. Luleå got some big steelworks and the ore comes from the big mountains in the city of Kiruna. That´s the same mountains we rode this summer. This one was going to Björkliden and Låktatjåkka where you can find the best single track in the north of Sweden. It´s located about 200 kilometers above the arctic circle.
Hopefully there will be more of these amazing days before the “real” fat bike season is here. Winter is coming and the river will freeze up. This place is of course accessible during the cold part of the year. Only then i go right across the ice to reach the sandy slopes. Well, maybe not that sandy…
This is the same place during winter.

Don´t forget. Adventure is just around the corner. Your local trials likes you and shall not be underestimated. Thats it for this time. Lots of fat love from Swedish Lapland. /Olov


  1. What tire are you running in the back? What year mukluk is that? Great pics and story. Nice and crisp here in Alaska as well.

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