Fat (video) Tuesday – Seven Summits in Wales

Winter in the UK, the time were riding seems to be a wet affair. However, with spring showing its face one Saturday late in March I thought I’d hatch a plan. Now I’ve took in this route 20170325_140615at the start of the ride a few times before. Starting at 1,200 feet I made my way up the double track for a couple of miles. With the cloudless sky producing a stunning backdrop for the rugged Snowdonia mountains to show themselves off. With the double track inviting me to keep going further to the small reservoirs ahead, I had to turn left for some hike a bike! A 500 foot steep grassy section saw me carry and push the Salsa Bucksaw up to the plateaux above.

From there the going was fairly easy following the faint sheep tracks up to the first of seven summits for the day, Carnedd Llewellyn which stands at 3490 feet. The views from the summit were something else. I’ve been there numerous times before but this time I could see the distant snowy mountains of the Lake District (England), the Wicklow mountains (Republic of Ireland), the mountains of Mourne (Northern Ireland) which were all just over 100 miles away!
After several hikers asking about the fat tyres I made my way to the second summit, Carnedd Dafydd which involved a steep descent and climb alongside the edge of the steep mountain side. This summit was a first for me, it has long been in my mind to bike it to here but other factors got in the way, but not today.


The going was tough with plenty of sections making you get off and carry over the large boulders and steep ascents. The descent from Llewellyn (again) was straight forward for me as I’ve rode it many times before. The only hazards were the odd patch of soft snow which clung on for life as winter was passing us by for another year. The broad mountain tops made the going easy to navigate and the ground was firm despite the recent covering of snow. As the afternoon passed by and after several feed stops along the way the energy levels were running low. A couple of steep descents saw arrive after a fantastic 8 hours on the bike. Bring on the summer….


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2 Responses to Fat (video) Tuesday – Seven Summits in Wales

  1. thub April 4, 2017 at 4:42 pm #

    Great video Summittoppler! The Bucksaw looks like the right tool for the job.

    • Summittoppler April 5, 2017 at 10:20 am #

      Thanks thub, I’m glad you enjoyed it. And yes, the Bucksaw is the perfect weapon of choice for the mountains of Wales.

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