Saddledrive News – 2018 Salsa Mukluk & 27.5 Fat Beargrease

Mukluk Carbon SLX 1x11

It’s your uncle Gomez here at Saddledrive at beautiful Northstar Village in Truckee, California. It’s Media Day at Saddledrive and QBP showcased all of their new products. Let’s start with our friends at Salsa. They have 4 new Mukluk models in the 2018 lineup and 3 new carbon Beargrease models that are all rocking 27.5 fat wheels.

2018 Beargrease

Beargrease Carbon GX Eagle 27.5 – MSRP – $4599

The top of the line Beargrease is a race machine that features HED Carbon Wheels and Sram Eagle. Salsa is putting Maxxis rubber on their fat bikes this season and the new Salsa Makwa thru axle. The beargrease is a 177 rear spaced bike built for speed.

Check out the milky way graphics on the bottom of the down tube and the HED BFD Rims.

A 27.5 Fat-Bike won last year’s Arrowhead 135. Will 27.5 rule the fat-bike race scene this winter? We’ll have to wait and see. Salsa also offers the Beargrease as a complete bike in an SLX 1×11 27.5 at MSRP – $2499 and a NX1 27.5 at MSRP $1999 and the Beargrease frameset will run you $1499. All of the spec’s and geometry for all 3 models are up on Salsa’s website.

2018 Salsa Mukluk

The venerable Mukluk is a truly progressive omni-terrain exploration platform and comes in either a carbon or an aluminum frame along with a carbon fork. The Muk runs 26 ” fat tires up to 5″ wide and has the full array of braze-ons that allow racks, gnomes, fenders, cages – the works.

Mukluk Carbon XO1 Eagle – MSRP $5399

The Mukluk has a 197mm spaced rear end and features Salsa’s Alternator 2.0 dropouts that allow for some of the shortest chainstay lengths available and can also be converted to singlespeed. The carbon Muk also comes as a complete bike in  GX Eagle – MSRP $3499 and SLX 1 x 11 – $2699 and the frameset is $1999. The Aluminum Mukluk comes as a complete bike with a NX1 drivetrain at an MSRP of $1799.

Mukluk Carbon SLX 1×11

Visit for all of the spec’s and details about each model.


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