Fat (video) Video Tuesday – Isle of Harris Scotland by Illya Rudkin

Our amigo Illya is back with a video of a trip to the Isle of Harris in Scotland. Here’s what Illya shared about this week’s clip.

Fatbikes ride the infamous Postman’s trail on the Isle of Harris.

If you live in Scotland or visiting the land of the clans then probably very high on a list of things people will ask you is “Have you been to or plan to visit the Outer Hebrides?”.  The isles of Lewis and Harris form part of an island chain. Popular with campers and cyclists there is a bike route running north south visiting most of the bigger islands using ferries to gets between them. Harris has more roads these days though they are mostly single track with passing spaces but back in the 19th century roads were tracks or paths depending on the need to travel between sparse population points and the terrain. The postman’s route is one such path. So named because the postman walked three times a week in all weather conditions to delivery post to a remote village only otherwise accessible by boat. Today this is a quality path to walk or ride. A must do route. This film is about riding a route incorporating the Postman’s Trail. Enjoy and if you like it please subscribe. Thanks.

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