Weekly Dose of Fat – 7-26-13

weekly-dose-2Tonight at 7PM a goodly portion of your favorite fat-bike test beaters from the will be competing in a 24-hour race through the streets of Riverwest in Milwaukee. The crew of 6 will be running Team A that requires all riders to ride the SAME bike, in this case a custom fat-bike. With over 1,000 racers this year it will be a major happening in city and a chance for Riverwest to show off community spirit and the camaraderie that makes the eclectic neighborhood a great place in a great city. Look for updates over the weekend and a race report next week.

We updated the Tire Weights for fat-bikes page again adding in the new version of the Vee Rubber Mission. (We will take a “First Look at this tire next week!)

Links for your viewing pleasure: – Fat-Pack-Flower-Power – 24″ Baby Fatty from On-One! – 5:30AM Low tide ride. – Video of a ride in Norway. Beautiful country! – Kids on fat-bikes = the future! – Beautiful fat-biking in Finland. – 29-plus chainstay yolks from Bob Keller. Very cool. – Bob’s NAHBS show bike goes for a spin.

Do you have links that you think we ought to feature in the Weekly Dose? Shoot me an email to and we’ll check them out!

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