Cogburn opens up a whole new market for the Fat-Bike – Sportsmen!

QBP’s newest bike brand, Cogburn Outdoors, is targeting hunters, anglers and foragers with their new hydro-dipped camo fat-bike called the CB4. I’ve done a bit of hunting and I can totally see how a fat bike with racks could help in many different disciplines of hunting and fishing. Load up a pack full of decoys and ride to a honey hole that rarely get hunted or fished. Slide out to your deer stand in the dark and pretty darn quiet (compared to an ATV).  You could even ice fish with studded tires and a clam shell.

Take a look at the video and tell us what you think.

Photo courtesy of Realtree/ Cogburn Outdoors

This is a brand new product. We look forward to giving the Cogburn a ride and giving you all the details. Maybe we’ll get to ride one at Interbike. I think it’s a pretty cool idea and makes good business sense. While everyone else competes for market share at bicycle dealers, Cogburn sells a fat-bike to a completely new market that is freak’n gigantic. Now we know that this bike isn’t going to replace your fat hot-ness blingy’D’ bling race sled…..and we know that just about every fatty can do everything that this fat-bike can do…..we know. The beauty of this business model is that there’s a billion people that have never seen or heard of a fat-bike. They’re sitting at home, wearing camo and thinking about the upcoming upland, waterfowl, deer, antelope and gnome hunting seasons.  There are a ton of people that feed their families with fish and game and it’s a pretty groovy way to go. We’ll just have to wait and see if the sporting crowd loves fat-bikes as much as the cycling crowd. I’m willing to bet that once a sportsman get’s to ride one, they’ll be hooked!

Red Necks on Fat-Bikes!

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  1. Um, who did the market research on that one? I’ll bet a phil wood to a huffy it never flys.

  2. Mixed bag here, its a great idea and there are people who hunt and ride bikes both (myself included). But the music could use some work and “birth right”?

    Look for heavy adds on survivalist boards and such.

  3. It’s just marketing to another potential customer base. Put them in a Bass Pro Shop store and they may sell a few.

  4. This is a cool idea — especially for woodland hunters/fishers who want to cover a bit more ground quietly. Cabela’s, Bass Pro, Sportsmans’ Warehouse, and Gander Mtn should all be talking to Cogburn.
    My Fargo gets me to my favorite trout streams but a fat bike would be even more fun.

  5. I’ve shown this to some hunter friends, and they all love the concept. Maybe not the price, but the concept is solid.

  6. Great idea, but limited to smaller game, unless of course an off-road trailer becomes available. For the Pug/Moonies you could call it “the Hunch-back”. Something like a Bob trailer but with a fat tire in the back & a coil spring to take the shock out, ESP with processed game on it.

  7. I’ve rode my hard tail in to my stands. This makes perfect sense. I don’t understand the “requirement” of a trailer though. Ride back out and get a quad or side x side to haul it out. As far as you “stereotypers”, please understand this idea is only to get you to your stand or blind quicker, quieter, and as scent free as possible. Nobody will be riding “your” trails slinging arrows as they pedal. Come on now.

  8. Some of you people crack me up. I’ve been a mountain biker, and an avid hunter since the mid-80s. Out west, millions of acres of public land and privately owned timber land is open to public access but not by motorized vehicle. The idea that hunters don’t exercise or ride bikes is prime ignorance. My favorite elk hunting spot (where we set up camp) is a 18 miles behind a closed gate. We used to ride horses in and set up camp, but now we ride bikes in with all our gear. Much the riding is not on prepared, packed single-track. True off road. These bikes look perfect! Cudos to the Minnesota Boys!!

  9. Brilliant! Get to the stand 10 times faster than walking, with less noise, less scent, and not to mention riding a bike is way more fun then walking. This bike is NOT a dipped Mukluk. Unlike the Mukluk geometry the Cogburn is laid back (slacked headtube, longer wheelbase) and designed for bushwhacking, riding rough terrain, over leaves, logs, and through mud. It’s built to go where hunters go. The Mukluk is a mountain bike designed to whip around mountain bike trails. I’m all for it and think they will sell.

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