Press Release – New Fat-bike Brand Aimed at Hunters and Anglers


More info from the new fatbike brand aimed at hunters, anglers and other backcountry exploits!

Cogburn Allows Hunters to Access More Land, Carry Extra Gear and Go Farther

Introducing Cogburn Outdoors. We make gear for people who hunt, fish and forage in remote places. Cogburn equipment takes hunters farther faster, with virtually no impact on habitat.

Cogburn lets hunters, anglers and foragers go deeper

The leader of the Cogburn line is the CB4, a bicycle built to go deep into the backcountry. CB4 is a fat bike, a human powered all-terrain vehicle with massive 3.8” tires run at low pressure, allowing the hunters, anglers and foragers quick and quiet to access remote areas. The CB4 frame is fully finished in RealTree Xtra® camo pattern. The rims, handlebar, crank and other components are anodized black with a no-glare finish. CB4 is equipped with full range gearing, all-condition disc brakes and a wide handlebar for control even while loaded. It’s got attachment points on the frame for a rear rack and cages for water or fuel bottles. The fork has additional attachment points to expand carrying capacity. We’re proud to say the CB4 is designed, finshed and assembled in the USA.

Carry your gear on your bike, not your back

Cogburn’s second initial product offering is the Scabbard. The Scabbard attaches to a rear rack on the CB4 or any bike to safely carry a rifle, bow or rod. It’s made of light, strong aircraft-grade aluminum. No other product allows riders to carry their gear with such versatility and security.

Coming soon to a field near you

See the CB4 and all Cogburn Outdoors equipment at Game Fair 2013 or by visiting our website, Among other dealers, Cogburn is available at Scheels All Sports stores.

3 Responses to Press Release – New Fat-bike Brand Aimed at Hunters and Anglers

  1. Owl Man August 12, 2013 at 9:00 pm #

    Why would hunters and anglers want to pedal? Most just sit and drink beer…

    • Bicyclewrench August 28, 2013 at 8:52 am #

      Stereotype much?

  2. Mike August 12, 2013 at 10:30 pm #

    Been using my Pugsly for hunting since they came out years ago. Low noise,low impact and quiet transition into hunting areas. Good to see the trend is catching on …….. 😉

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