Zen Announces Private Label Fat-Bikes

Have you ever wanted to launch your own fat-bike brand? Most of us, probably have never thought about it, but if you’re a small bike company or a really large bike shop chain, you may have entertained such an enterprise. Well now there’s a program where you can do just that! Zen Bicycle Fabrication, out in Portland Oregon gave us the scoop on their new Private label program that includes their ZFB1.0. The ZFB1.0 is a versatile aluminum fat bike that can be run as a 29r, 29+ or a 4″ fatty.


Zen Bicycle Fabrication has engineered and initiated the manufacturing of a

new line of private label frames for customers to brand as their own product. Recognizing a growing

need in the industry, the private label concept was developed to support distributers, teams, bike shops,

adventure outfitters, and brands looking to expand their line. The new designs will allow Zen’s

customers to take advantage of OEM pricing at smaller minimum order quantities.


“We are often contacted by companies that want common designs but are unable to meet minimum

order quantities or invest in engineering, testing and tooling. We want to use our passion for frame

design and fabrication to allow customers to focus on selling quality US products” says David Woronets,

Owner and Product Manager of Zen.

ZFB Twins

Zen’s private label currently features a race-specific cyclocross frame and a trail-convertible fatbike

frame. The collection will continue to grow, with additional designs already in development.

The ZFB1.0 in 29+ mode

The ZFB1.0 in 29+ mode


For More information about Zen Bicycle Fabrication visit –

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