Fat-bikes in Non-traditional Events

Aristotle Peters competing in the fat-bike class at a recent WORS race.

I suppose if there is a “traditional” fat-bike event it would have something to do with snow, suffering, proximity to dogs and would probably be above at least the 45th parallel, although a lot of the winter snow bike action is now below that line on the map. However, we have been seeing fat-bikes in all sorts of events that used to be strictly the stomping grounds of road bikes, fixes, mountain bikes etc. In fact, more than a few events around the country have added fat-bike classes specifically to cater to our brethren of the fat and fat-bike racing is not just for winter anymore.

Some guys and Gals will simply race fat-bikes in their age group or just show up at the line with those monster tires while others opt to enter the fat-bike specific classes. Either way, Fat’s Where It’s At! Here are a few events that we know of that happen in the “off season” that include fat-bike specific classes. There are a lot more. Let us know about them!

Iceman Cometh Challenge – Billed as the largest 1-day mountain bike race in the United States has added a Fat-bike Class to this year’s event to be held on November 2nd, 2013.

Aristotle Peters competing in the fat-bike at a recent WORS race.
Aristotle Peters competing in the fat-bike class at a recent WORS race.

WORS – The Wisconsin Off Road Series is the largest state mountain bike racing series in the country and they added a fat-bike class to the series this year. Races run from Early May through the end of October.

The Team A winning fat-bike at the 24-hour urban event, the Riverwest 24.
The Team A winning fat-bike at the 24-hour urban event, the Riverwest 24.

Riverwest 24 – The RW24 is a 24-hour Urban Assault ride through the streets of the Riverwest neighborhood in Milwaukee. This past year the Team A competition against mostly road bike teams was won by 6 guys on a fat-bike! In Team A all the riders use the same bike. There is also a Team B category that each racer rides his/her own rig and there was a guy on a Salsa Mukluk on course as well. More fat in 2014!

What is going on in your neck of the woods? Are there fat-bike specific classes in any events in your area? Let us know about them! You can contact me at greg@fat-bike.com and you can also add your event directly to our Fat-bike.com Event Calendar by using our Submit a Fat-bike Event Page.

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  1. The Minnesota Mountain Bike Series also had a Fat Bike class this year, but turnout was very low on the 2 races of this series that I did. I kinda doubt that they will have the separate class next year.

  2. Series should definitely have the class back again next year, with the so called big guns offering models and the smaller established companies continuing to grow…..there will be more fatties out there and the classes will grow!

  3. Barry-Roubiax in Hastings Michigan has a fat bike division! It’s a gravel road race, fat bikes do the 36 mile option.

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