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Pix and reports from all over have been coming in to the FB.c Global Headquarters for a few days. Here is what we’ve seen so far…


Shawne sent the above from Upstate NY where they did GFBD with 10 riders from all over the state at Chenango Valley State Park and finished the ride strong with a Dales Pale Ale. Awesome!


Bill (above) biked solo in the woods of Palos Park, Ill. He said “The day was bright sunshine, temp. 13 degrees with a light wind, very tolerable. The trails were  in excellent shape and very little people on them, I guess because of the temps.”

The next three are from Al down Naples, FL way he says, We loved to participate even though we are REALLY far south…….from the Swamp in SW Fl, Naples on the Edge of Big Cypress and the Everglades.




Scott sent us a note and several pix from Boise, ID area. He says ” We had a strong turnout with about a hundred folks drift through our breezy shelter in Eagle, Idaho, and four bike shops brought out demo fatties. Vibe Cycles brought their Lincoln out, as well as their 29er fat which is in development. Free food, fire pits, relays and fine banjo/accordion music kept folks entertained (as did the fresh three inches of snow).




Wisconsin had several outings, the pix below are from the version I attended in the Northeast on the shore of Lake Michigan! The shots below were taken over two days. We did two rides on GFBD one in the afternoon and one a night ride and then another the following morning to breakfast. Beach, snow and trails were all excellent! We had at least 30 riders over the two days. Thanks to George from Broken Spoke Bike Studio for putting it together!

global-fatbike-day-071 (1)

global-fatbike-day-073 (1)

global-fatbike-day-072 (1)

global-fatbike-day-074 (1)

global-fatbike-day-075 (1)

Mike and Nielsen (below) did their ride in Marshfield, WI.



Finally, for now, a wonderful Fat Bike gathering for Global Fat Bike day! 8 degrees of Bend, Oregon Bliss!

We’ve got more room on the site for your stories! Keep ’em coming and we will do another post about what you all did on GFBD 2013! Just shoot me some words and pix to

Make sure to check out this week’s Weekly Dose as well. We’ve been collecting up links from around the Globe from other GFBD riders with their own stories!


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  1. Donna December 12, 2013 at 4:22 pm #

    That was a wicked fun day and night. We do not recommend fire jumping on your fat bike though! (The hot tub worked much better for warming up post-ride IMO)

  2. Tim Grimme December 13, 2013 at 8:40 am #

    The weather hampered the mid-atlantic gathering, rain forced a deferral from saturday to sunday but they ended up with an awesome snow ride. Check out!/photo.php?fbid=10202102970309799&set=gm.647527011952901&type=1&theater

    for the fun at MD.s Gambrill Stae park.

    I had to work sunday so i squeezed in a local gravel grind in my backyard…!/photo.php?fbid=10202147864325532&set=pcb.10202147882685991&type=1&theater

    Good times!

  3. David J Glover December 14, 2013 at 2:35 am #

    Quad Cities Global Fat Bike Day 2013

  4. Mark Peterson December 16, 2013 at 12:30 pm #

    We had a great time in Ogden. I am sending in a few pic’s. Looks like we all had Fun!

  5. Matt December 16, 2013 at 4:37 pm #

    60+ Riders & Fun Had By All
    QC Global Fat Bike Day:

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