Weekly Dose of Fat – 4-25-14 – Show #1

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schlick-ape-852Howdy, fat-bike friends! Sven here. Gomez and I have been working on putting together Fat-Bike Radio to do audio shows and we did a test episode yesterday to work out some details. This was our first shot at making a show and Uncle Gomez and I took it easy to get a feel for what we want to do. We’ve got mad plans! But check it out and let us know what you think.

We’ve got a lot more ideas for content but would like to hear from you and what you’d like to hear.

We updated our Tire Weights Page – https://fat-bike.com/2012/01/tire-weights-for-fat-bikes/

Fat-bike Radio – Show #1 – Click the Arrow to Play!


http://salsacycles.com/culture/rockshox_bluto_fit_chart_for_salsa_fatbikes – What Salsa fat-bikes can use a Bluto fork?

http://joboo1967-joboo.blogspot.com/2014/04/j-red-9zero7-build.html – XS 9:Zero:7

http://www.bikerumor.com/2014/04/21/spotted-prototype-170mm-rohloff-speedhub-for-fat-bikes/ – Rohloff for a 170? Possibly.

http://coastkid.blogspot.com/2014/04/2015-surly-pugsley-still-fit-for-purpose.html – In praise of the Pug.

http://coastkid.blogspot.com/2014/04/surly-moonlander-update-mwod-drive.html – Updating the Moonlander drivetrain.

Fat-bike Radio’s – Weekly Dose of Fat, Show Notes for Show #1 – April, 25th, 2014

This week’s show was sponsored by Surly, you know those guys! They just want to help!

Top Story – We talked a bit about USA Cycling looking into sanctioning the Fatbike National Championships. What do you think? Let us know at info@fat-bike.com

Sugar Cayne Bike Fest in Scullville, New Jersey has a Fatbike BMX class during its festival. If you are in the area, check it out and let us know what you see.

Jade Cycles helped sponsor this episode.

What’s up in the test kitchen?

  • We’ve got the Sarma Hoboy carbon fat-bike fork on the Schlick Rohloff/Belt Drive rig and loving it so far…
  • Colin was on the on RSD Mayor the past couple of weeks
  • Aris wrapped up long term testing on the Eleven-Nine fat-bike and threw in a back flip for good measure. Look for a video soon!
  • We are continuing to evaluate the new Vee Tire Bulldozer, H-Billie, Traxx Fatty and Snowshoe XL
  • We are reluctantly returning the Ventana El Gordo test bike
  • We had 4 riders on the Long term AluBooyah. Look for a wrap up soon
  • Uncle Gomez has a complete season on the 45Nrth Wolvhammer Boots and thinks they are the best boot are the market right now.

Zion Cyclery helped sponsor this episode.

We’ve got a limerick contest going on to win a Bordo Big fat-bike friendly lock. More info here.

Thanks again to our show sponsor, Surly, they were almost fat first!

We know a lot of you live great experiences every day. We’d sure like to hear about them and share them with our listeners. Shoot us a note to info@fat-bike.com. Hope to see you out in the real world!

If you would like to help fat-bike.com with its mission to spread fatbiking all over our planet, consider helping us by underwriting this show. Give Gomez a shout at gomez@fat-bike.com to discuss opportunities.

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