Foto Gordo – Captain Crust



alaskan fat-bike crust ride1

Awhile back, I asked for some crust photos from our viewing audience and Paul Rotkis, from up in Anchorage (by way of Racine Wisconsin) captain crust 907sent me a couple of fresh, fat, tracks on luxurious, Alaskan, crust along with this shot of his red white and blue, polished aluminum, 9:Zero:7 that I named Captain Crust. You can click on that little picture to get a better look. It’s nice to look back at winter shots during warm Spring and Summer weather. Thanks to Paul for sharing his little slice of fat-bike heaven. You all are invited to join Paul and become part of the fat-bike world wide tribe! Just send me some pictures or video and we’ll share it with the rest of the clan. The gnomes that tend to my email, monitor uncle

alaskan fat-bike crust ride2

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