RaceFace Atlas Pedal – Long Term Review

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RaceFace Atlas platform pedals

Seven Months ago, I threaded a set of RaceFace Atlas platform pedals onto my Fatback, and it’s probably time to check in and show how they’re holding up! I introduced the RF Atlas pedals in a Product Spotlight back in May 2014. I ride flats all year long and I’ve been kind of spoiled for the last few years, because I have gotten to test some pretty, high end, platform pedals.

Our set of test pedals never gave me a reason to pay them any mind. They just disappeared into a total seamless functionality that we all look for in any component that we bolt to our pride and joys! I really like the longer pins on the Atlas and the ability to adjust the length of the pins. The Atlas pedals haven’t developed any slop or play, at this point, and the finish on these pedals has really gone amazingly unscathed. These things look almost as good as the day they came out of the box. Check out the Side By Side Shot of them below.

RaceFace Atlas platform pedals.side by side
(click to enlarge)

That’s our set of test pedals – Brand Spank’n New, on the Left, and after 7 months of stomping on the right! I haven’t touched these things and they’re still purring along like a precision instrument. I think we’ll officially stamp these pedals with the Bike Black Ribbon Seal of Approval!

Bike Black Ribbon test pilot

Of course, we’ll continue to ride these pedals for another season and maybe in the next report, they’ll start to show their age. Stay tuned to fat dash bike dot com for that (and more)….down the trail!


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