Fat-Bike Radio – Call in to Win – 2 Fat-Bike Birkie Entries!

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We have a little radio show that we record on Wednesday nights called the Weekly Dose of Fat. Every episode, we have a Special Guest on the show. We’ve had incredible guests like Ned Overend, Rebecca Rusch, Heather Best and Travis Brown from the racing side of things and Greg Matyas, Bill Fleming and Eric Sovern from the bike industry. (Plus many, many more…) We also take calls from listener’s during the taping (and this week) we’ll be giving away two free entries into the Fat Bike Birkie – US National Fat-Bike Championships in Cable Wisconsin! We received word this week, that the race had reached the 750 rider cut-off and that we have these two spots as a perk from our sponsorship of this ground breaking event. So we naturally thought we should give them away to our audience! The Fat Bike Birkie is sold out, so that means our two winners will be racing in a pack of 750 other riders! All you have to do is give your Uncle Gomez a call tonight and maybe you’ll win a chance to hold the same title as mountain bike legend, Ned Overend! We have two entries to award, so we’ll give one away to a male caller and one away to our lady callers. We’ll figure which number caller wins the Golden Ticket at the beginning of the show. (The only way to listen to the show live is to call in).

When – Tonight! Wednesday, February 25th, 2015

Time – Between 8:00 pm and 9:00 pm – Central Standard Time

Call – 818-918-2453

You can catch all of our past episodes HERE or on Itunes

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