Fat Camp Podcast #8 – Ken and Andy Talk Tech and Getting Your Fat-bike Ready for Winter


Fat Camp Podcast #8 – Ken and Andy Talk Tech and Getting Your Fat-bike Ready for Winter

Tis the season in the northern reaches of the northern hemisphere to dream about riding on snow.

What we do:

  • General bike maintenance
    • Lube everything you can to avoid galvanic corrosion and frozen bolts/parts
      • BB and crank
      • Seatpost
      • pedals
      • bolts
        • stem, handlebar, seatpost, water bottle bosses, derailleur bolts, brake bolts, shifter
      • Cables and/or housing
  • Geometry stuff:
    • Slacken headtube angle: take it down to 69 degrees or less – shooting for around 100mm of trail
    • Chainstay length
    • Lower seat slightly
  • Change gearing
    • Chainrings
      • Swap out the chainring from a 34t or 36t down to a 26t or 30t.
      • Move chainring outboard on a 170 spaced frame to get more clearance.
    • Cogs
      • Go for the expanded range – 40 or 42t
  • Frame bag
    • I like the button head water bottle bolts instead of the cap screws
    • Stuff to put inside
      • down jacket
      • spare hat and gloves
      • heater packs
      • tools
      • spare chain links
      • tube
      • pump
      • flask
  • Swap tires out – Bigger is better. If riding in less than ideal conditions, knobbier is better too
    • Tire selection and tire pressure far outweigh any other factor like weight, geometry…
    • Go as big as you can fit in the frame while maintaining a reasonable clearance
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    • The Vanhelga is a great tire.

      Opinions vary greatly when it comes to tire selection but my personal approach is typically to go for a fairly wide tire and then select a tread that is appropriate for the conditions I plan to ride. For example, a 4.8″ knard for dirt and sand use and a Bud/Lou for use in snow. This may have something to do with me being almost 200lbs and needing more float than lighter riders in any given conditions. Since the Vanhelga is a fairly small tire at only 4″, I personally have steered clear of getting one but if you need an aggressive/grippy 4″ tire, the Vanhelga is one of the better options out there.

  1. Do you know if the new Snowshoe 2XL will fit in a Bluto fork with something like 90mm rims (i.e., wide, but now maximal width rims)?


  2. Great episode guys! I just fitted Dunder/Flow Beist on my 2013 Mukluk. Works like a charm tubeless on Rolling Darryls and single ring.

    Just waiting for snow now.


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