Fat Video Tuesday – Winter in Wales


Jeff Price took advantage of the premier edition of the epic meteorological phenomena of an autumnal snowstorm in North Wales. Jeff had the wherewithal to film the entire synchronous conflagration and produced a short edit to share. Jeff is a Bike Black Ribbon Test Pilot over in the UK and a groovy dancer. One of the paramount skill-sets for becoming a good test pilot is balance and Jeff is one of our very best.

Show us your Balance

Send over a hosted fat-bike video and we’ll see if you can float like a soap bubble in light and variable winds. You’re probably wondering where you should send your application to the BBR earth rover project. Well keep on wondering, because it doesn’t exist on paper…..or does it?


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  1. Wade November 25, 2015 at 10:00 pm #

    Thanks for sharing, Mr. Price. Good times, indeed!

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