Bontrager Ride Gear – The test begins

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Editor’s Note : Winnebago County Super Model and Bike Black Ribbon Test Pilot Scott Peterson will be testing an array of technical cycling garments from our amigos at Bontrager. This is his introduction to the new Bontrager cycling wardrobe that he’ll be sporting through the worst El Niño since ’97, according to my facebook friends and neighbors. So take a look at the Condition Specific layers that the folks from Bonty have designed in their Wisconsin Winter research environment.


By :  Scott Peterson

Here are a few pics of the fantastic Bontrager winter gear we’ll be testing. Today I am wearing the Bontrager B2 short sleeve baselayer , Evoke thermal jersey, Profila Race thermal bib shorts, Profila thermal leg warmers, Race 5″ Wool socks, Stormshell Over Socks, OMW Winter SPD shoes (including the detachable Ember 100 lumen LED blinky lights for the rear of each shoe), and last, but not least, the Lithos Softshell Jacket.


My hands will remain comfortable in the Stormshell Gloves. Even though it was 38 deg and pouring rain in these pictures, I was warm, dry and comfortable, unlike the photographer.


Ed :  Scott will be reporting back to us on how these fine technical garments and boots handle this Winter’s fury! Till then check out the full fall line of Bontrager’s Condition Specific Technical Cycling Apparel at

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