Fat (video) Tuesday – Fairyland/Encounter Creek

Our old amigo, Shannon Burt is back along with his dog, Detroit! They sent us this week’s clip along with a story about an abandoned ‘Fun Park’ on Prince Edward Island (PEI). Take it away Detroit & Shannon!

We have this abandoned adventure park here in PEI. I’ve been making some visits to the area with a goal of creating a cyclocross race there next summer. But to see the over growth of a once vibrant family centered play park is quite something. Definitely a place fit for fatbike exploration. It’s kinda funny. The park had its hayday and in an effort to keep it as a drawing card, received government money. Someone had the idea of putting in a wave pool. Now remember, this is a rather small island, and this is operated during the summer months where a beach is always less than 30 minutes from where ever you are. Needless to say, the place closed a couple of years after.

The re-routing of the highway most certainly wrote off any chance of this place ever being purchased and renewed. It now sits as government property, yet the most prominent buildings and features still exist like a ghost town.

Shannon Burt and Detroit the dog.

Adventure by Bike? Come to the abandoned adventure park! Great stuff Shannon! Do you have an adventure up your sleeve? Send your photos and hosted videos to uncle and next week we’ll play on the interwebz!


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