Weekly Dose of Fat Show #91 – Special Guest Ben Popp From The Fat-bike Birkie

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Check out this photo from the Frost Bottom race in Anchorage and check out Fatbassador, Travis’s race coverage story on Sunday!

Weekly Dose of Fat – Show Number 91 – Friday, January 29th, 2016

Sven and JK are in the studio today and welcome special guest, Ben Popp from the Fat-bike Birkie as we as George Kapitz who fills us in on the 3-race Snow Crown series in Wisconsin.

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On the show this week?

  • We Start the show with the Event of the Week
  • We welcome Ben Popp from the Fat-bike Birkie
  • We talk to call in listeners from around the fatisphere
  • We make excuses for not getting the Becker Bag Prizes out yet
  • We check in with the Fatty Farm Field Report brought to by The Winter RUSH Fat-Bike Series, The Michigan State Fat-Bike Championships and the 2017 USA Cycling – Fat-Bike National Championships

The Fat-Bike Event of the week this week is not one BUT THREE fantastic races that are the Snow Crown Series in Central Wisconsin.


George Kapitz from Broken Spoke Bicycles with shops in Green Bay and Two Rivers gives us the skinny on these fat-bike races via telephone.

Special Guest – Ben Pop from the Fat-bike Birkie

  • Recap of the date and the format of the event/changes from previous years
  • Confirmed “big name” racers
  • Entry opportunities
  • Pre and Post race happenings
  • Other riding opportunities in the area
  • We will be catching up on February 24th on the show with any late breaking news, trail conditions etc.
  • Event website – http://www.birkie.com/bike/events/fat-bike-birkie/

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Fatty Farm Field Report

This week’s Fatty Farm Field Report is presented by ….The Winter RUSH Fat-Bike Series.

Winter Rush is the home of The Michigan State Fat-Bike Championships and will be your hosts of the 2017 USA Cycling Fat-Bike National Championships.

For more information click the winter rush banner or visit winter rush dot com – http://winterrush.com/

Beaver Guard Fat-bike Fender – http://beaverguardfatbike.com

The Weatherneck  neck warmer – http://theweatherneck.com

Gomez is lurking about the Fat-bike Worlds in Crested Butte

Fat-bike Links

Another super Rohloff fat-bike build by the folks at Cycle Monkey

Olov’s custom Oddity handlebars

Got some fat-bike tires that are made for studs (with stud pockets) but not yet studded? – http://bikestud.com

Fat-bike stage racing

Jeff Cospolich talks about going to Fat-bike Worlds

Curt Gowdy Trails Open in Wyoming

Big Bear Winter Festival in California Coming February 27th

Snow Mountain Ranch YMCA in Colorado

Video – Anchorage is fat-bike heaven

JoBoo snowshoe grooming and gat-bike riding

45NRTH Ontario Fat Bike Series Race #1 – The Frozen Beaver Race Report

The Great Nordeen cross-country ski race in Central Oregon is adding fat-bike racing

Ullr Fat-bike Race Rsults along with Women’s Swimming results!

2016 Uberwintern Fatbike Festival Report

Maybe Keith needs a new fat-bike? Yes, yes he does!

Info on Michigan fat-bike trails

Methow Valley fat-bike fun and a video

Fat-biking in Austin, Minnesota

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Plus Bike Links

Norco’s Paul Burnett talks about the 27+ Torrent

Bruce and his ongoing experiment with 29+. Also excellent photos and a bunch of shortish videos.

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Join us next week when the question of the week is – What is your go-to solution for hand warmth while fat-biking?

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Adios Amigos!

Not fat-bike related, but if you like The Shining, you’ll love The Chickening! 

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