Interbike Outdoor Demo – Day 2


Day Two – Outdoor Interbike in the Dirt – Today I rode a bunch’a bikes, but I primarily focused on the Plus side of the force. However there was one exception, in the form of the Otso Voytek. Yesterday, I crowned this bike the belle of this here Interbike Ball, so I felt like I should at least get one dance with her.


I took the Voytek out after riding the Advocate Hayduke (27.5+) and the Surly Krampus (29+) and the ride up to the dirt trailhead is nice gradual uphill. Now you would think that the plus bikes would feel easier on that climb, but the Voytek felt better to me. I rode a large with a ridgid fork and the new Terrene Wazia Tires. At the top of the climb, I dropped some air out of the Wazias and let’r rip. The resulting grin was wide and toothy.

This is where my camera will live from now on.

This is where my camera will live from now on.

Brendan gave me one of these new Wolftooth Components bags and as soon as I saw it, I thought, “what a perfect nest for my camera”. This takes the gas tank bag and does it one better. The top in self closing and there’s a nice foam bumper that attaches to the stem.


Our Main Man, Ken Blakey-Shell will be testing the Voytek up in Michigan soon. There’s a lot to like about this bike – from a bad ass viking bear on the top tube – to the sliding drops/narrow Q-factor, making this both a fat and plus bike platform, The Voytek has peaked my interest and I look forward to reading what Fat Camp Ken has to say about it.


Our amigos from Vee Tire Co were out enjoying the sunshine in Bootleg Canyon. These are two of the 3 new fat-bike tires in their lineup for ’17. – More about them here –


This is the Pro Tool Kit from Lezyne. Santa — If you’re watching?….this would look pretty sweet under the ole Tannenbaum- gnome-say’n?


The boys from Lauf wanted to tell everyone – “May the fork be with you”


Onyx Racing has new seals for their hubs that make them as waterproof as an otter’s armpit. The owner also let me ride his dual suspension 29+ bike, which we talk about over at the Interbike Rodeo Show. I also found out that I can switch my Onyx Racing hubs from QR to T/A easily. I think we should go up and visit the Onyx factory and share what we find with you all sometime soon.

That’s all for this year, from the outdoor portion of Interbike. Tomorrow we use our inside voices at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas Nevada for more fat and plus bike funskis.


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  1. Frank September 20, 2016 at 10:37 pm #

    VERY interested in the Snow Avalanche. When are you going to have a review and some specs?!?

    • Gomez September 23, 2016 at 9:32 am #

      Now that we know that you’re interested Frank….we’ll be sure to give that review top priority. (100% Pure Uncut Colombian Sarcasm)

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