Weekly Dose of Fat – Show #124 Fat Bike Birkie Pre Show and ITI Coverage

The Weekly Dose of Fat – Show Number 124 – Friday, March 10th 2017

In the studio this week we’ve got, Sven, Zito and JK!

On the show this week:

  • We Start the show with The Event of the Week, this week it’s the Fat-bike Birkie in Hayward Wisconsin! We’ll chat with Jerry Wright about the race and the CAMBA Party afterwards.
  • Travis is going to give us a shout and talk Alaska adventure racing!
  • We share Links from the Internet
  • We check in with the Fatty Farm Field Report brought to by 1UpUSA
  • And In our special segment, we take calls! Answer questions? Disseminate information, control the message, spread rumours…

The Event of the Week is the Fat Bike Birkie – http://www.birkie.com/bike/events/fat-bike-birkie/ and the CAMBA Post Race Party!



A couple of other events are happening in Madison, both the Midwest Bicycle Show – http://bikeorama.com and the Canoecopia Show and Sale – http://www.canoecopia.com – are happening at the Alliant Energy Center.

Fatty Farm Field Report

The Fatty Farm Field Report is brought to by 1UpUSA. 1UpUSA makes the best fat-bike rack we’ve ever tested. We will have a link to our review in the Show Notes.


We discuss ITI News with Travis from Alaska

Check out Craig Medred’s Blog for some great stories from the race – https://craigmedred.news

[Station Break – One up USA Commercial?]

Fat-bike Links

Breaking Through the Ice on the ITI – https://craigmedred.news/2017/03/03/a-survivors-tale/

Broome (Australia) Fat Bike Adventures Starts Offering Tours at Cable Beach – https://thewest.com.au/news/broome-advertiser/fat-bike-tours-get-green-light-ng-b88395327z

Olov makes radio in Sweden! – http://www.bikelifeinswedishlapland.com/2017/03/03/radio-gaga/

If you understand Swedish, you can check out Olov’s radio appearance here – http://sverigesradio.se/sida/avsnitt/853503?programid=4926

Back on the Coast with Bruce – http://coastkid.blogspot.com/2017/02/feeling-alright-with-crew-back-on-coast.html

2017 ITI – http://www.jilloutside.com/2017/02/the-2017-iditarod-trail-invitational.html  

Fat Bike Birke Expects a Record Number of Riders – http://www.birkie.com/2017/03/fat-bike-birkie-rolls-out-with-record-number-of-riders/

Thursday Fat-bike Commute – http://coastkid.blogspot.com/2017/03/thursday-fatbike-commute-and-wee-detour.html

Saturday Beach Ride – http://coastkid.blogspot.com/2017/03/saturday-beachride-aberlady-bay-loop.html

Fat-biking in Lincoln, NE – http://journalstar.com/news/local/fat-tire-bike-group-rides-on-snowy-wilderness-park-trails/article_7581d568-3c0c-54c4-88fc-c9e86d992af0.html

Dormant Obsession With Fat Bikes Comes to Life – http://www.hometownfocus.us/news/2017-03-03/Guest_Columnists/The_Long_Line.html

Offroad Commuting with Bruce – http://coastkid.blogspot.com/2017/03/offroad-commuting.html

Special Segment: Questions From Our Readers

We get numerous questions each week asking if folks can buy various fat-bike gear from us. Check out the offerings from our site sponsors as well as the list of Manufacturer Links. When in doubt, always check out the pros at your LBS!

Taco Call

The Weekly Dose of Fat was brought to you today, by the numbers 8 and 24, represented hither and yon by the Surly eight and twenty-four pack racks.

Learn more about fun with bikes at – http://surlybikes.com

 Call 818-918-2453 any time, day or night, and leave us a message!

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