wallpaper…damn is that a saw?

Peter De Mattia is no stranger to the pixels for sticker, black market that we run here at Fat (dash)Bike (dot) Fun. Peter sent us this shot that I freak’n LOVE! First, because it’s a Moonlander. I have a soft spot for lunar vehicles. Second, because he’s running 2XL’s and the Trifecta is the saw, strapped to the fork, like John Wayne’s shotgun in the Motion Picture “Big Jake”. I love to see how riders from around the globe customize their bikes to fit their specific needs and environments. Here’s what Peter had to say about this week’s Wallpaper Image.

Here we are in Northern New Jersey on the Wingdam Trail.
Just in front of the dam itself on a misty morning at seven AM.
I’m riding my 2014 Surly Moonlander equipped with a
Silky SUGOWAZA 420 hand saw for trail maintenance.

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One Response to wallpaper…damn is that a saw?

  1. Allroy July 19, 2017 at 6:39 pm #

    Neat shot. Looks very otherworldly.!