Bivvy a Month Challenge

Fat bikers of the universe we invite you to join us (relatively speaking) on a year-long adventure, the Bivvy a Month challenge.

The bivvy a month challenge is a brainchild of one of the many bike packers that frequent the Bear Bones forum ( in the UK, Kevin Cunniffe aka Blackhound.

The rules are simple, you must:

  • Spend at least one night out every month using a tent, tarp, bothy, bivvy bag, wigwam, cave, shopping trolley etc, you get the point.
  • No accommodation which can include hostels, campsites, cars and so on.
  • You must do it by bike, I mean who’d want to walk when we have fat bikes!
  • Your garden doesn’t count but you could be cheeky and use a neighbors!

There’s no registration fee and a dozen sunsets and sunrises are rewarded to each and every participant!. You get all of that, and the self-satisfaction knowing that you’d have enjoyed 12 micro adventures throughout the year. We hope that we can make 2018 a little more adventurous together. Uncle Gomez is working on a new design for a Bivvy Challenge Merit Badge for readers that decide to join me, and we’ll be featuring your adventures along with some of the Bike Black Ribbon Test Pilots, every month in 2018.

I attempted and achieved this BAM challenge back in 2014 and I can say it is a challenge. There are obstacles to overcome, firstly, finding the time to get out. Secondly, finding the time to get out that works with the weather. And most importantly finding the time to get out that works with the weather and also that works with your daily life, work, partner, kids, dogs and you. 

Depending on where you are on our little planet will also determine whether you can give this a go. But if you do give it a go, I guarantee that you will learn so much about the kit to take, the food to eat, finding the ‘perfect’ camp spot and most importantly what whisky to put in the flask! It was back in 2014, when I was on the journey to complete the BAM Challenge that my first video was featured here on fat dash bike dot com.


Another lesson you’ll learn is how to load the bike up. You can carry kit on your back but by loading the fat bike with your gear will give you the experience of riding a fully loaded fat bike. For me, a loaded fat bike feels great, like you’re riding a powerful beast with all you need to survive. Watching a glorious sunset, settling by a campfire, savoring a sunrise or shivering in your wet soggy tent, these are the memories that will get tattooed on your soul. 

So fat bikers of the universe, do you fancy giving it a go? Keep an eye on for photos and videos of our adventures in 2018. If you’d like to join in the challenge and share your adventures, please send your pics and videos to uncle with BAM Challenge in the subject line and your story might be featured right along with ours!

Let’s Make 2018 the year of the Bivvy!



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Summittoppler, based on the edge of the Snowdonia National Park in North Wales, UK. With beach riding and mountains on my doorstep you could say I live in the perfect place for fat biking.


  1. Just about to complete my 20 month in a row of bivi a month so that’s 2017 complete for me.

    • that’s why I have a poster of you on my wall, right next to the one of Joe Strummer and T-Rex.

  2. I think we should let people have one mulligan and also offer a bonus for 13 or more bivvies for a merit badge with full oak clusters – ala choy

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