The Weekly Dose of Global Fat Bike Day 2017

Dubuque, IA

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GFBD Point Beach (WI) 2014

It’s the day before Global Fat Bike Day 2017 and it looks like our little grassroots celebration has grown up. One thing that we hope never changes about GFBD are those smiles (photo above) It all started back on the first day of December 2012, as an organic grassroots celebration of fun on fat-bikes. GFBD was meant to be a gathering of our unique, and (at that time) peculiar group of bike fetishists to go for a ride together, derby, and maybe enjoy a few beers around the campfire. I propose we make this year’s celebration a throwback to the first GFBD. Invite a friend that’s never ridden a fat-bike to rent one or let them borrow one of yours. Bring back the GFBD Derby and if you plan to attend a GFBD gathering, bring something to share with you and your new friends. When I think of GFBD, I think about, maybe a contraction of Fellowship and Kindness (kindship?) while riding bikes. So here’s a toast to all of you….May you ever be ever blessed with Kindship and an ample supply of delicious gnomes!

Global Fat Bike Day Celebrations

East Lothian – UK –

Point Beach State Park – WI –

North Wales – UK – (12/3) –

Nebraska –

Estonia –

Lahti, Finland

Cedar Falls Iowa –

The Peak District – UK –

En Yaute, France –

Flanders – Belgium –

Bailleul, Nord-Pas-De-Calais, France –

Joensuu, Finland –

Domoszló, Heves, Hungary –

Chicago, IL –

The Wedge Utah (Dec. 9th) –

Boyne City, MI – 

Eastern Pennsylvania –

Southern Italy –

Frensham UK –

Black Hills – South Dakota –


Mankato, MN –

Little Falls, MN –

Northfield, MN –

La Crosse, WI –

St. Croix Falls, WI –


Fat-Bike Event Calendar

We’ve been populating our event calendar with all of the best events from all over the planet. Check it out and if you want to suggest an event for us to add, drop us a line at

Mark Your Calendars!

12/1-3/2017 Winterbike Expo – MPLS –


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