Fat Camp Show #29

Welcome to Fat Camp show #29, just in time for the holiday season and hopefully some gosh darn snow in the land of the hand.  

Here’s what’s on tap for this most recent episode:

Need warm feet? flats pedals and boots or spend the dough for

  1. 45 NRTH
  2. Lake Cold Cycling Shoes

ESI grip discovery with KBS Theories

No love for fat bikes?

  • Seems like fat bikes from the bigger manufacturers are not getting much love right now. AKA not seeing many of the component upgrades seen on other bike models
    • No as much eagle as the rest of the MTB world, sparse XT and above Shimano and no Di2
      • Specialized  – no model with Eagle, no good shimano
      • Surly – no Eagle, no good shimano
      • Trek – Eagle o-plenty but no Di2 or other high end Shimano
      • Kona – No Eagle, no good shimano
      • Salsa – Eagle, no high end Shimano
      • Norco – Eagle, high end Shimano, but no Di2
      • Framed – Only high end Eagle

From the back seat of the car, High Tech Hacking your zippers

It’s winter so make sure you do some prepping

What’s in your frame bag this winter?

And finally…..the age old discussion of tire and the proper rim width.

As always, get in touch with KBS and Andy (more than likely KBS since he’s the brains of the gig) by sending an email to or check them out on the Instagram @fatcamppodcasters.  Till next time….2018 baby……CHEERS!!

4 Responses to Fat Camp Show #29

  1. Mike Williams December 9, 2017 at 12:02 pm #

    Those cycling specific winter boots are really nice but for the price of one (1) pair, i bought: rubber/neoprene (Boggs knock off) boots (-10C rated); Garmont Gore-Tex lined winter hiking boots (-40C); and Baffin Ice Breakers (-70C). Now I have multi-use footwear appropriate for cycling in Ottawa from November to April. So when it comes to defending a cycling purchase to my wife, that is a “not a hill I am willing to die on” (unlike CF wheels, dropper posts, upgrade to 12-speed, or a new frame).

    • andy amstutz December 9, 2017 at 3:17 pm #

      touche’. point well made!

  2. KJ December 11, 2017 at 9:34 am #

    I ride with these (link below) and a light pair of base socks (wool) and wear just a pair of hiking shoes and have ridden in -10 and wind with no issues as long as I keep riding/moving. I know some people are more prone to cold feet and need the boots but these socks have been a game changer for me.

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