Product Spotlight – Revelate Designs Williwaw Pogies

Our favorite sub-arctic set of pogies, the Revelate Designs Williwaw, received an upgrade recently and just in time for Winter, we have a set here to test. The folks at Revelate never stop innovating their product line. The new Williwaws feature a zippered vent, for when your hands get too warm and a new bar end attachment that’s fast – tool-free and adjustable. They also added a foam loop gasket that seals out any drafts around the base of the handlebar.

The zippered vent is new this season. (I’m holding it open from the inside).

Venting is an important feature for moisture management.

I have two winters experience with the previous version of the Williwaw pogies and I love the rigidity and easy mounting system. I’ve ridden in a temp range from -10F to 25F and all that I’ve ever needed for gloves (while riding) is a pair of softshell gloves rated for 40F.  The Williwaws mounting and construction allow them to stay put and not flop down towards the ground, which makes getting in and out of them much easier.

The Williwaw’s stay in place – always ready for fast and easy access.

The pogies come with two foam gaskets and two bar plugs that are molded to fasten onto a shock cord loop, that is sewn on the inside of the pogie. It literally takes seconds to attach the loop and tighten the loop with the attached cord-lock.

This is what’s going on inside the Williwaw – photo courtesy of Revelate Designs

The handlebar Draft Gasket seals up the end of the pogie and keeps brake lines and shift cables un-kinked with a set of velcro straps that snug everything up, for when the temps drop and you want to create a nice warm micro-climate for your digits. Check it out below.

Handlebar Draft Gaskets

I’ll be testing these all winter long. Snow is in the forecast and Winter is just a couple of weeks away, so stay tuned for our review after the new year. Williwaws are available now and the MSRP is $120.

You can learn more at

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2 Responses to Product Spotlight – Revelate Designs Williwaw Pogies

  1. Allroy December 8, 2017 at 4:47 am #

    I like the idea of venting. Sometimes your hands do get too warm. My Bar Mitts have always been good but the Velcro strap that holds them on the bars sometimes slips off.

  2. wanderoften December 14, 2017 at 3:48 pm #

    Best pogies I’ve owned by far. Lightweight, easy-entry and secure on the bars. Very happy with my set.

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