The 2018 Summer Sticker Boondoggle

If you’ve been a reader of Fat-Bike dot com, over the last several years, you know that we love to give away stickers. We’ve had some doozies over the years and this latest batch might just be, the best ever. These designs were created by fine artists that have created sticker art worthy of the term – phantasmagoric! Our newest design features a cartoon rendering of Tio Gomez’ bike named Otis.

How can you get your muddy paws on these sweet stickers?

I’m so very glad you asked! Here’s the way for you to get your hands on some stickers till they’re gone!

Send a self-addressed stamped envelope to us (address is at the bottom of the post*) and bam! you’ll get some stickers.

Send SASE to : ♦ W5339 Schiferl Lane ♦ Johnson Creek, Wisconsin 53038

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