Dose of Fat Podcast Show #135 – The 2018 Gnomies Awards Show!

It’s the Gnomies! Hosted by Leia Schneeberger! Leia’s joined in the studio by Spinner, Gomez and Brett Stepanik. Through the magic of new media we welcome Colin Ford, Mark Peterson, Kevin Wren, Ryan Krueger, Chris Daisy, Lt. Evan LarSSon, Samsquantch, and Amelia Kegel to the show! Sit back, crack a beer and put a gnome in your ear. It’s the Gnomies!

2018 Gnomies Categories

Best Ferrous Fatbike

Best Non-Ferrous Fatbike

Best Fat-bike Sus Fork

Best Fat Bike Tire 4”

Best Fat Bike Tire 5”

Best Fat Bike Tire Studded

Best Fat Bike Rim Wide

Best Fat Bike Rim Wider

Best Fat Bike Accessory

Best Winter Race

Best Winter Race Series

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Just an old cat that rides bikes, herds pixels, ropes gnomes and sometimes writes stories. I love a good story.

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