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A couple weeks ago the folks at up.bike contacted us and asked if we’d be interested in testing out their new stainless steel rack system. I sent them a photo of the corner of the garage where we keep the bikes that we regularly ride. Like many of you out there, we own a pile o’bikes. Like many of you, I had gone to a home center and purchased giant fat-bike sized hooks. We’ll call this the before picture.

Before Up.Bike Makeover

I took a few measurements and sent a rudimentary drawing to the Up.Bike crew and in a week, I had three boxes delivered with everything to optimize this space for bike and gear storage. They provided a planogram for the install, based on what I had sent them.

Stainless Steel and Made in The USA

Installation was a breeze. The rails are drilled 16″ to match the studs and the wheel hooks and accessories slide in and out of the rails without the need for tools. The wheel hooks come in two sizes fat and regular. The wheel hooks are coated with plastic coating where they touch the rim and the hook up is rock solid.

The Up.Bike Accessories are well thought out and targeted to what cyclists need to store. Pictured is a Pump Hook, Helmet/Shoe/ Glove caddie and Tool Box (w/bottle openers)

With all of the accessories available, you can easily customize your set-up to fit your needs.


During the installation, we posted a photo on our Instagram and Facebook and our readers were quick to point out that the same thing can be accomplished with the kind of hardware store hooks that we replaced for much less money. This is true if you only have a bike to hang. The Up.Bike Storage System allows us to store a lot more than just bicycles. The system addresses all of the other things that go along with riding, like helmets, shoes, floor pumps, lube bottles and more.

One of the applications where Up.Bike really shines is creating a team trailer. With the growing popularity of NICA and High School Mountain Bike teams the need to transport bikes and gear to events along with the ability to wrench for the team, put the team trailer into the spotlight. Up.Bike shared one of their current client’s team trailer projects to give us an idea of how their bicycle storage solutions can be customized to make the ultimate NICA Cycling Team Trailer.

more than just bike storage

Air conditioning and electronics

external racking
External wrenching or race day display

The bottom line is, if you’re looking for a solution to organize and store more than just a simple hook to hang a bike, the storage system from Up.bike is a high-quality solution. The storage area that we made over not only looks better than what it replaced….it has become a lot more functional for storing the other associated cycling items needed on every ride. If you’re looking to put together a team trailer, this is the best storage system that we’ve seen that can turn a box trailer into your mobile team headquarters. It’s a cool new option from a company that makes their products in the USA near Traverse City Michigan.

fat-bike tire storage

For more information about Up.Bike visit – https://up.bike/


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