Fat Camp Podcast – Show #36 – 4.5% Solution

Fresh off the holidaze, Ken and Andy are back with Fat Camp show #36.  A bulk of the conversation that they put Ken’s dog to sleep with revolves around the recent surge of 27.5in tires and wheels (yea, right it’s 27.5, not).  But as is usual, they meander in and around other fat- bike talk. Set the cruise control for just over the speed limit and listen in

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  1. I’ve always referred to the 650b MTB size as 27″. If we accept a 559 BSD as 26″, 650b is only 25mm larger (584 BSD) or approximately 1″. The extra .5″ is marketing. A 26x 4.3- 4.8″ tire on an 80mm rim is similar in diameter to a 27x 3.8.

    I am however curious in trying a 27×3.8 – 4.0″ on 50mm rims for a Summer “super plus” setup as it would be lighter and shouldn’t upset the geometry of my new ICT.

  2. Great show as always Gentlemen!

    Speaking of Maxxis, what ever happened to the Moosetrak?

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