Fat (video) Tuesday – Round Square Adventures – Mongolia

Kirsten Scully promised that she’d send us a new video of her beautiful backcountry fat-bike tours in western Mongolia and this week’s Fat Tuesday feature is a compilation of Roundsquare Adventures’ 2018 summer trips. They guided three fatbike trips in Mongolia last year and also took a group of pro bikers from SEAT cars to make a promo video for their new SEAT ATECA SUV. They made a pretty cool video too!

Round Square Adventures specializes in two-week van and camel supported fat-bike trips in the Altai Mountains of Western Mongolia.  We featured a story written by Kirsten about their guided tours in Western Mongolia. They plan to run three trips over the summer of 2019, starting at the end of June, all of July and another one in September. The tours stay with nomadic eagle hunters and attend the local Naadam festivals held throughout July. On the September trip, they attend the Golden Eagle Festival. Additional information is on their website www.roundsquareadventures.com


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