Foto Gordo – (you) Big Fat Dummy!

Don’t get sore! I’m just quoting Fred Sanford and describing the star of this month’s Foto Gordo supermodel. Straight outta North Dakota with a fresh beer on deck this gnu blue (la luna nueva) BFD is Jason Durick’s. Jason is getting a T-shirt and a Bidon for his pixel herding effort along with some of those sweet new stickers you may (or may not) have heard about (on the interwebs).

Foto Gordo, me gusta!

Send us a swervy image and you could win a deluxe prize package (like the one described above). Plus you get your image posted in the cool triple F gallery on Send your foto to with “I swerve!” in the subject line. Don’t forget to include a mailing address so we can mail you some cool new stickers with a goat, samsquantch and a gnome on choppers.

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  1. That’s the baddest FAT DUMMY I have ever seen. Portable bar. Just need a couple stools.

  2. Oh the places that bike has been under the fine riding skills of Jason. It is a packhorse for opening/refurbishing trails, riding in all kinds of conditions in North Dakota sponsored tours and handles it all in stride. Go Jason

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