Fat-Tribe Thursday (WI-Italy-MI-India)

Fat-Tribe Thursday is a distant cousin of Throwback Thursday. Back in the day, we used to share photos from fat-bikers from around the world under the byline ‘Fat-Tribe Thursday’. It’s sort of like a modernized version of the “Magic Mirror” bit at the end of Romper Room. I don’t remember why we picked Thursday, but we did. Let’s take a look in the old “magic mirror” and see who we see out play’n bikes!

Pat Zyduck (WI-USA)

Pat lives in Fond du Lac and works as a bike mechanic at Attitude Sports. Pat sent us a slew of shots so we sent him a slew of stickers.

He probably doesn’t realize it, but he just joined a bike gang – I mean tribe – I mean gang – maybe a trang? (Note his fetch 8-Lumens Socks)

Giulio Buccini – Tuscany, Italy

Nothing says Hello, quite like a nice wheelie shot. Giulio is an Italian fat bike rider, from Tuscany. He calls his Specialized Fat Boy “La Muccona (Big Cow). Because he made fenders in cow color (Registered Holsteins, just like we have in Wisconsin). Cheers, Giulio!

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@Neethishnair – Cosmic Fatso – India

Neethishnair is rock’n a Cosmic Fatso 2640! – Groovy Vid

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  1. Proud to be a member of the “Trang?” Thanks again for the stickers. I will share some with my posse for sure. Just noticed, if you put a pointy hat on me, I would kinda look like a gnome. Hmmmm. Halloween costume just got figured out.

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