Fat Tuesday Video – Pat Smage PNW Components

This is just Pat Smage (10-time US MotoTrials National Champion) being his usual champagne supernova. Riding his Fatback Skookum so freak’n smoove! I’m starting a campaign to change the word smooth to ‘smoove’ or maybe create a slang term for the fat-bikers dictionary and right there beside the definition, would be this video.

PNW Components: Website: https://www.pnwcomponents.com/

It snowed last night!

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  1. Riding at that level is so much fun. Smage is on of the best Trial/Trail riders and totally amazes me. He makes it look so effortless. Dam!

    • Ha.just bought ice cream truck.
      Will be awhile before I go pro..like your riding..damn..fun ..step up from my old pugsley..by your riding looks even more versatile .still you have to be extremely good..Great Job Great Riding…

  2. Hot Dang ! Can we just have a full length Fat Bike video with Pat. He stokes me to push it on my Fattie every time.

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