Wallpaper Wednesday – First Snow Series – No. 1

Good Morning Aztalan!

After a weekend of riding in balmy autumn temps down in Kentucky, Mother Nature gave the gift of an early autumn blanket of snow to go out and play bikes…so like a kid on Christmas morning, I saddled up Otis and hit the local twisties just after first light.

The First Snow of 2019 was a stone cold groove!


The first snow of the year is probably the second most important holiday on the fat-bike calendar, just behind GFBD, I’d guess. So I went out to play bikes and I managed to herd some pixels onto my Lumix DMC-LX5 that capture some of the visual splendor that was flying around out there on a random Tuesday morning in late October 2019. In honor of the first snow of 2019, I decided to publish a Series entitled “First Snow”. Sharing some positive vibrations through the interwebz!

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