Foto Gordo – Beaux Knows Mother Nature

Today’s foto gordo photo feature just might be the cure for November’s dark slushy days and frozen nights. The Bearclaw – Beaux Jaxson with 45NRTH Wrathchild 27.5×3.0 studded tires is well adapted to handle just about anything November can shell out (except for maybe if the snow gets a little too deep). Beaux knows that we’re not wired for “indoor cycling”. Beaux knows that all of us…somewhere deep in our hearts….we all possess something wild and free. A collective memory or instinct maybe because we were all raised by wolves and the north wind. #beauxknows

When mother nature gives you slurm (like our local forecast above).


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Foto Gordo, me gusta!

We’ve got a few of the goodie bags from the GFBR&B that were earmarked for some fat-bike olympic events that we somehow overlooked. (Probably because we were having so much fun!) This particular bag has a Bike Stud Flask and winter toque along with a bunch of stickers and a couple of spoke lights. There’s two Surly Junk Straps in there for good measure. The blue thing is a 45Nrth neck gaiter – super posh and smurfy…Basically it’s a party in a bag! We’ll send everything in the bag to the person that sends us the BEST WHEELIE Photo or Video! The winner must reside in the US – Everybody that enters gets some stickers – and we’ll publish the winning Best Wheelie Photo or Video the Friday before GFBD – That’s December 6th – so you have till December 4th at midnight to enter.

Click on the flyer for more information about Fatter By The Lake

Send us a Wheelie shot and you’ll prolly get your image posted in the cool triple F gallery on Send your foto to with “Best Wheelie” in the subject line. Don’t forget to include a mailing address so we can mail you some cool new stickers with a goat and samsquantch on choppers.

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    • International entries get both LOVE and stickers, but Mom only lets us ship goodie bags to US shipping addresses. She had to pay fifty bucks to send a goodie bag to Denmark one time and she put the kibosh on all international prize shipments.

  1. Oh I gotcha now. I was having a Canadian Bacon moment where I thought that it was because the swag didn’t come in french. ????

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