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Due to the current state of Pandemic and numerous closures and in an abundace of precaution the 2020 race has been cancelled.

     We are working on dates for the 2021 event and will make an announcement as soon as we lock it down.  When the date is decided (it is tidal dependant and will be either March 13 or March 27th, 2021) we will reach out to those who registered and paid for this years race will be emailed a code for a deep discount for the 2021 race.  

     Thank you for your understanding in these uncertain times and please be sure to support our sponsors as they too put their heart into our race and anything we can do to support them during this next year will be appreciated.    

     Stay safe, Ride your bicycle outside and thank you, thank you , thank you for your years of support!!

Shawn Spencer,
Race Director

USA Cycling Statement on COVID-19

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – Due to the latest data on COVID-19’s spread and the healthcare system’s ability to manage this crisis, USA Cycling is recommending cancellation or postponement of all sanctioned events immediately and calling on all race and event directors, clubs, coaches, athletes, and members to postpone or cancel all scheduled races and events immediately. This includes any gatherings such as group rides, in-person group meetings, etc.

USA Cycling is suspending permits on all events through April 5th.

USA Cycling will continue to monitor and meet with partners to assess the state of this national emergency and its impact on the cycling community.

USA Cycling is taking measures within our control and asking everyone involved in this sport to protect the community so we can get back to riding and racing with everyone in good health as soon as possible.

For more information, contact Bouker Pool at

Introducing the 2020 Rocky Mountain Race Face Enduro Team

We’re excited to return to the Enduro World Series this year with our existing Canadian partner, Race Face Performance Products. Over the past two years, the Rocky Mountain Race Face Enduro team has made its mark on enduro racing and we’re thrilled to keep up that momentum. 

Over the past few seasons, we’ve watched Jesse Melamed, Andréane Lanthier Nadeau, and Rémi Gauvin come together as a team and add their own flavour to enduro racing. We’re proud to have all three of them on board this year and excited to bring the world along for the ride with a second season of “The Jank Files”.  

With the recent news of race cancellations in South America, we’ll be ready as a team for when the race schedule is back to normal.

We would also like to extend a huge thank you to our team sponsors!

Rocky Mountain Bicycles –

RaceFace –

Old Man Mountain Ambassador Kurt Refsnider wins the Iditarod Trail Invitational!

For four days, we watched the 350-mile long Iditarod Trail Invitational, anxiously tracking Old Man Mountain Ambassador Kurt Refsnider. The conditions were BRUTAL – deep snow, 50 mph winds and extreme temperatures. In the last 50 miles, Kurt pulled ahead for the win. 

Editor’s Note – Racks are somewhat of an outdated load carrying solution and in our experience – get in the way when pushing your bike up the steepest goat trails (but so do pedals). I had racks on my bikes (in the 1990’s) So if you want an old-school solution, these racks will probably fit on just about any bicycle.

Q & A: Why use a cargo rack rather than soft bags?

We don’t think it is an either/or situation. Racks can compliment bikepacking bags, and vice versa. But we do think there are advantages to racks:

  • Cargo racks are ideal for small people with small bikes, who don’t have the frame capacity for soft bags. 
  • Cargo racks also allow for more carrying capacity, for those of us who want to carry more food and clothing, or a trombone. Just sayin’.
  • Racks allow for the weight to be carried lower on the bike, which generally allows for better handling.
  • Racks require no adjustment to suspension settings.
  • Racks require no adjustment to your cockpit and do not compromise your bike fit.
  • Carrying a backpack that has more than a hydration pack is horribly uncomfortable for long days in the saddle. There are less painful methods of birth control!

For more information about Old Man Mountain Racks visit –

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