Why Cycles Introduces the Wayward V2

(Carbondale, CO 3/5/20) – Why Cycles received a ton of feedback from a multitude of amazing adventurers with their OG Wayward and the V2 is the product of them listening to real-world input and making a few tweaks to make their Ti adventure sled even better!

The Wayward V2 is still the same 29+ adventure mobile but now with a few refinements. Why starts with the same butted 3/2.5 titanium tubing uniquely cold formed for an enhanced ride feel and titanium sliding dropouts. The geometry has been corrected to fit a 120mm fork (instead of 100mm). This slight adjustment gives it a noticeably more balanced feel. They then lowered the top tube to allow for a dropper post with more travel. Although this sacrifices a smidge of frame bag space, They feel that being able to get rowdy with the seat down is a little more important. 

Rear tire clearance has been increased to fit a 29×3.0 plus ample mud clearance. This will make Why riders in wetter climates very happy!  Why also added an 8mm extension to the head tube to get the front end a little less “slammed” and allow riders to use less headset spacers to get that upright position for the long haul. They also added a lot more baze-ons including 3 on both the top and bottom of the downtube. They also added accessory mounts under the top tube. This is great for mounting another bottle or a custom frame bag mounting.  

Why linked up with fellow Coloradan Sean Burns at Oddity Cycles. Sean is a master fabricator of titanium and makes some of the most beautiful frames, forks and handlebars around. They’ll be offering a suspension-corrected Squid fork option for the Wayward along with an Oddity Lowrizer titanium handlebar. The Squid fork is a ‘single crown truss’ style fork that eliminates the brake chatter issues that come along with a lot of titanium rigid forks, all while being light and strong. It’s a perfect fit for the front of the Why Cycles, Wayward. 

For more information visit – https://www.whycycles.com/

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    • I’m 5’8″ on a good day and have been riding the Krampus since it came out. Managed to squeeze Minion 3.0s on my Pivot 429 trail with superboost rear spacing. I simply *can’t* go back to a smaller diameter wheel. I get your point that they’re big, but knowing how to use the extra diameter is the secret.

      • Joshua, I do believe you may have misunderstood my comment and what said comment was in reference to.

        I too enjoy squeezing the biggest tires I can on to my bikes, and I can’t see me riding pizza cutters again because of the joy big tires bring me on the trail.

        That being said, the Wayward V2 is made in M, L, & XL sizes. Why shows the M fitting riders from 5’6″ to 5’10”.

        As I am 5’5″ with a short inseam, this beautiful bike would be out of my reach 🙁

        So is the life of those of us who are vertically challenged.

        Cheers y’all!

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